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    Need help: Outdoor plant has brown pistiles

    I have an outdoor autoflower plant has been doing great. no problems and all of a sudden the pistol heads have gone brown but anrent really dry. Dont know if i should be worried, but it deffinatly looks different from my other plants
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    Mystery strain - 8 weeks in flower and just pistols - Advice

    Hey guys got some master Kush along with mystery strain. Originally thought it was MK but now certain it is a sativa dominant mystery strain. It's been about 8 weeks since flip and all I see are pistols but no bud development. I have read some sativa strains have a very long flower time. this...
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    Outdoor plant pistils turning brown

    its day 40 into flower and the pistols are turning dark brown and one is turning black on top this started out for fun got a clone. didn't think it would get to this point cause the soil was really rockyb only used strait tap water and some mothers organic pestaside
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    Are they ready to harvest? First time grower

    Are plants are Sunset sherbert we are almost to the 8th week of flowering. flower period 7 to 9 weeks. Most all of the pistils are orange, the trichomes are milky with a few Amber. Damn I don't see how to add our pictures to the thread?
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    Rookie grower first plant - Need help sexing

    I think shes a girl?
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    Amber trichomes at 7 weeks

    For whatever reason I can't post pictures right now but anyway, I have several blue dream in soil under 400w hps. I've been doing this for about 10yrs but never saw amber at the 7 week mark. I'm not sure if it's really done or just messing with me lol. It still has quite a few white pistols on...
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    How much longer should I give her?

    So I took a gram(dried) of samples last night, and I gotta say the medical effect is PERFECT for me... I nod my head to music, i'm happy, uplifted, and it's pretty potent. The only issue is the buds are just now starting to bust nanners(I've found 7-10 so far throughout the whole plant, I find...
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    Would like to hear your opinion about these plants

    any issues? they been growing for 1 month now and have white pistols most places now its Autoflowers thanks.. :)