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  1. S

    Need to get some seeds

    But I live in a state that it's not exactly legal in yet, wonder where the best places for ordering seeds from, and which have the best stealth shipping methods?
  2. D

    CK best autoflower light schedule

    just curious what is crop kings best light schedual for their autos. 24-0 20-4 or 18-6. I know either way that they will flower but I read some places you get more finished product if you don't use 24/09. any thoughts or input
  3. M

    What is considered day 1 of flower?

    I just flipped to flower about 2 days ago and today I woke up to the tiniest little hairs on two different places. Can I consider this day one or do I still got a little bit to go?
  4. anduin1

    Places to shop

    Curious to find out what places some of you guys shop at to get various stuff related to growing in Canada? Amazon is like a minefield of bad deals in Canada these days so I'm curious where the best deals are found. Most nudes have doubled in price over the last 6 months which is bs if it's just...
  5. S

    Holy Ghost Seeds?

    Does anybody know where I can find some Holy Ghost seeds? I have search several different places and have had no luck.