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  1. Hazezombie420

    New Life

    Hi this is my little grow iv started 1lemon amnisa &1cheese both grown in plagron batmix under a ledgle in a 2x2 tent.
  2. Pterostychus

    Pterostychus: The Never Ending Story, Now Shiva Skunk Auto

    Dear ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to introduce my next grow. It will be my first journal here but it is my fourth grow. The star of this show is going to be a Purple Kush Auto Feminised, it is a freebie seed I got with my Blue Dream Auto by Humboldt seeds order, since I order from a...
  3. O

    Sweet Seeds - Coco - 600HPS Bloom - 400HPS Veg

    Hello every one! This my first journal on 420magazine[emoji85] I would like to see every body! My grow base on coco plagron 20 liters pots, and two pots 10 liters on terra. In coco i am using advanced nutrients base and stimulates of it. For terra i think To bay Bac nutrients, but I don't use...
  4. A

    ASHWAR's - Mars 11 - CFL - Sensi Plagron - Fastbuds - Da Guppie Run

    This journal is for the new guys like myself looking for information and feedback on personal advanced nutrients success & fails i am running sensi gr/bl, cal-mag, voodoo, b52, big-bud, overdrive, bud-candy, bud-ignitor, bud-factor-x, flawless-finish, my soil is plagron light-mix 100ltr and...
  5. Tris420

    Which nutrients should I buy?

    Hey guys ! Im thinking about buying new Nutrients for my next Grow ... Im using Plagron Lightmix Soil , Plagron Grow/Bloom Nutrients and Plagron Royale Sugar (this one only small test bottle but i like it ) ... So now Since i watched alot of Youtube Video Mr Tight etc. I saw that they use...
  6. Joesoap

    3 Strain - Aurora Indica - Wonder Woman & Haze #1 - Nirvana Grow

    Hey everone, Im growing all nirvana strains here. The wonder woman and the aurora indica are fem'd and the haze#1 is just ordinary seeds. For this grow im going to be using: (a)1 WW, 1 AI and 2 HAZE#1 seeds. (b)Plagron all mix for my medium, then moving to plagron bat-mix soil for flowering...
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