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  1. L

    LeoPot's First Grow! Indoor, Soil, 4 Strains, Mars Hydro TSW 2000

    Hello guys! Not only is this my first grow, it's also my first gardening project of any kind. I am starting this journal a little late, on day 25 of flowering (day 48). In this post I will list my setup and write a short summary of the past 7 weeks, including a few pictures, to catch you up. In...
  2. S

    Plagron batmix after 2.5 years

    Hi there, 2.5 years ago I have bought 50 liter "plagron batmix" soil. I have used its half in my first grow and since then the rest has been waiting in my storage room. Room temperature is usually around 25C degrees and humidity level around 10-35%. Do you think this mix is still usable...
  3. Hazezombie420

    New Life

    Hi this is my little grow iv started 1lemon amnisa &1cheese both grown in plagron batmix under a ledgle in a 2x2 tent.
  4. Pterostychus

    Pterostychus: The Never Ending Story, Now Jack Herer

    Dear ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to introduce my next grow. It will be my first journal here but it is my fourth grow. The star of this show is going to be a Purple Kush Auto Feminised, it is a freebie seed I got with my Blue Dream Auto by Humboldt seeds order, since I order from a...
  5. O

    Sweet Seeds, Coco, 600HPS Bloom, 400HPS Veg

    Hello every one! This my first journal on 420magazine[emoji85] I would like to see every body! My grow base on coco plagron 20 liters pots, and two pots 10 liters on terra. In coco i am using advanced nutrients base and stimulates of it. For terra i think To bay Bac nutrients, but I don't use...
  6. ASHWAR agnew

    ASHWAR's - Mars 11 - CFL - Sensi Plagron - Fastbuds - Da Guppie Run

    This journal is for the new guys like myself looking for information and feedback on personal advanced nutrients success & fails i am running sensi gr/bl, cal-mag, voodoo, b52, big-bud, overdrive, bud-candy, bud-ignitor, bud-factor-x, flawless-finish, my soil is plagron light-mix 100ltr and...
  7. Tris420

    Which nutrients should I buy?

    Hey guys ! Im thinking about buying new Nutrients for my next Grow ... Im using Plagron Lightmix Soil , Plagron Grow/Bloom Nutrients and Plagron Royale Sugar (this one only small test bottle but i like it ) ... So now Since i watched alot of Youtube Video Mr Tight etc. I saw that they use...
  8. Joesoap

    3 Strain - Aurora Indica - Wonder Woman & Haze #1 - Nirvana Grow

    Hey everone, Im growing all nirvana strains here. The wonder woman and the aurora indica are fem'd and the haze#1 is just ordinary seeds. For this grow im going to be using: (a)1 WW, 1 AI and 2 HAZE#1 seeds. (b)Plagron all mix for my medium, then moving to plagron bat-mix soil for flowering...
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