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  1. 28 Grams

    Plants not getting better - Don't know what to do

    They haven't looked so good for a while now... a week ago I gave them a PK booster which resulted in some more signs of nute burn and I realized I gave them too much. Yesterday I gave them plain PH'd water with a little bit of silicone supplement. No matter what, I can not get humidity to go...
  2. TheFertilizer

    FFOF & Flush & Plain Water - Equals Magnesium Def?

    So this plant was looking a little nitrogen toxic a week ago or so, so I flushed it with some water, waited for it to dry out and transplanted from a 3 gallon pot to a 7 gallon. Both had FFOF in it. I've never used ocean forrest before and I have an issue with it. Well always hearing about...
  3. higherthehigh

    Can I use Canna Boost while I'm flushing?

    she is a 7-8 week flowered bubblegum xl clone i flipped straight away as i had a northern lights grow im on growing, didnt think she would of survived but she's a little fighter, the pics are from a week ago, most of her white hairs have turned brown and i dont think she is going to get any...
  4. K

    Canada: Cannabis Industry Blows Smoke At Tobacco Rules For Plain Packaging

    Vancouver – Garfield Mahood has spent 30 years fighting for the Canadian government to require plain packaging for cigarettes. So, the long-time non-smokers' rights activist says he doesn't have much faith in the government's ability to regulate and restrict the marketing of marijuana...
  5. D

    DIY led

    Im wanting to build my own diy cree led. Do I need to use heat sinks or can i use a bit of aluminum sheet?