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  1. Stunned

    Preparing trim

    I plan on using all of the trim to make concentrate down the road. Does this trim have to be thoroughly dried out or can it be bagged wet? I plan on filling up freezer bags and throwing it in the freezer till I am ready for it Any info appreciated, thx guys
  2. Ron Strider

    Canada: N.W.T. Gov't Outlines Plan For Control Of Legal Cannabis In The Territory

    The Government of the Northwest Territories released its proposed plan for the control and distribution of legal cannabis in the N.W.T. on Friday. The plan will form the basis of legislation to be introduced to the Legislative Assembly for debate during the February sitting. The territorial...
  3. Ron Strider

    Quebec Unveils 'Zero-Tolerance' Marijuana Plan: No Home-Grown Cannabis Allowed

    Quebec will have zero tolerance for driving-while-high under its plan for legalized marijuana use and sale. Under draft legislation introduced Thursday, the province's Liberal government would authorize police to test saliva samples from drivers and allow police to immediately suspend the...
  4. Ron Strider

    MA: Marijuana Dispensary Plan Presented For Charlton

    HealthWise Foundation presented its site plan for a medical marijuana dispensary Wednesday in the first of what is of what is expected to be several Planning Board public hearings. Attorney James A. McMahon of HealthWise Foundation Inc. is seeking site plan approval for the vacant property at...
  5. Ron Strider

    Big Weed Is On Board With Trudeau's Marijuana Tax Plan

    Canada's biggest medical cannabis producers are seeing their stock prices rise after the federal government announced a plan to levy a one dollar per gram tax on recreational marijuana sales, once the drug becomes legal in July. Shares of Canopy Growth Corporation, Canada's largest cannabis...
  6. Kindamexican

    KindaMexican's Fire OG & 9lb Hammer Bagseed Soil Grow 2017

    Pictures (Taken July 22nd): I found a seed in some Fire OG i purchased from an Oregon dispensary, and i also have kept a seed from a bag of 9lb Hammer (Also OR dispensary) for quite some time. I managed to sprout both the Fire Og & the 9lb Hammer out of soil on July 16th. July 5th...
  7. MsLinda

    Has this rotted?

    This is my LSD plant which is ready to be harvested any time now. 2 of the branches look like this but the rest of the plant is ok. Should I cut this off and toss it?
  8. Ron Strider

    New Plan To Legalize And Tax Cannabis Launches In Switzerland

    Ban is 'simply stupid from an economic point of view', argues group. A new plan to legalize cannabis has launched in Switzerland, marking the country's second push for the change within a decade. The new initiative proposes that both cannabis production and consumption for personal use...
  9. UrbanAchiever

    Daffodils and Burmese Skunk

    Hi, Been binge reading grow journals and every other important topic. Obsessing over building my set up. Patiently waiting to grow. Gonna plan and plan and plan then buy and buy and buy. But heres my intro for now... Around 20 years ago I was a young man and tried to grow. Ordered seeds...
  10. D

    Hawaii law, residency, and retirement

    My physician always writes on my med record that I am retiring immediately to live in Hawaii. I live here about 4 months each year and do plan on retiring here, but I've not told him I'm retiring immediately, and don't plan on doing so. Why is he writing this? Is it a state law to notate that I...
  11. StonyMagoo

    Need some guidance

    Sooo...I'm in NW Oregon. I don't have the card. Legally my limit is 4 plants. I'm going to buy 4 clones. The plan is to start the veg cycle in a cabinet, and keep them on an 18/6 or similar cycle for 3-5 weeks. THEN plant those Debil's Lettuce plants in my back yard. I have a LOT of...
  12. M

    Cactus killer here

    Hi 420 Im a noob grower, without a single green finger for growing. Got to the point where im sick of waiting on dealers to deliver crappy looking bags for extortionate prices. So im going to grow my own stuff. Ive got a white widow x big bud in a 4 gallon bucket under a 9w LED thats been...
  13. N

    First grow plan

    For my first grow I decided to get 10 THC Bombs for the huge yield and I heard it's a good beginner plant but I'm only going to grow one seed. I'm growing outdoors in ground I'm going to use this water only soil Kind Soil because knowing nutrients is honestly really complicated, if any of you...
  14. L

    Curing before oil extraction

    I am growing for the purpose of making CCO to treat my husband's cancer and am wondering about curing the product. I understand the need for a slow, controlled cure to enhance flavor and smoothness, but what if you plan on using it for oil? Could I just let it dry out? I am thinking 85 F...
  15. I

    Noob Question alert!

    I am just wondering how long it will take for a plant to grow from seed to harvest? Just so I can plan when the best time is to start my grow. Thanks in advance. :thumb:
  16. K

    MA: Medical-Marijuana Plan May Go Before Leominster City Council

    Leominster - While a specific site plan for a medical-marijuana dispensary has yet to be formally approved by the city's Planning Board, the board's chairman said Tuesday a public hearing on the plan may be held during the City Council's meeting Monday. "The City Council would give them their...
  17. F

    Could I get some help with my shopping list & growing plan?

    I plan on starting a perpetual grow sometime down the road, and figured I would get most of my shopping done while the deals are hot. I plan on putting (3) 4x8x7 tents into a garage. One tent will be for veg and will hold 16 plants for 2 months. The other two tents will be for flower, where I...
  18. K

    CA: Op-Ed - Cannabis And Equity In Oakland

    It is no secret that the war on drugs became a war on Black and Brown people and disproportionately filled prisons to bursting with Black men. It's also not a secret that Prop 64, legalizing recreational marijuana use, signals the starting line for the official rush for the gold represented...
  19. BlueSkye

    Darkroom Louvers

    So I know this a burnt out question, but I am at a lose as to what to do. Let me start by stating that I have googled and researched this to death and cant figure out what to do. I am about to step up my growing setup from cabinet to closet. Not a huge increase in style i know, but before I...
  20. K

    OH Officials Release Proposed Rules For Medical Marijuana Growers

    The proposed rules would require growers to be prepared to cultivate marijuana within nine months of receiving a provisional license. The Level II license would cost $2,000 for the application fee and $18,000 for the license. The 14-member committee is responsible for crafting the details of...