plant advice

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    Hey hey happy new year! Need advice on plant

    What's up everyone! Im new here so im still finding my way around. I was wondering how/where to post if i am seeking advice on grows. I ran into a little nutraburn issue on one of my plants that has a history of issues, I was wondering what are the odds of the plant being a female if, the...
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    i am first time grower,please help me,my plant turned yelow,and what should i do?
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    Growing in the window?

    So I got some seeds that are automated and feminized (got them from a friend). I can go outside and plant the seeds and start to grow but I just need a bit of help. So what I originally planned to do was dig some holes, plant seed after germanification of the seeds. What I'm wondering is...
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    Trying something new but have questions

    Hi everyone and it is sure nice to be here. I have ordered some auto flowering from Nirvana (great company always have had good luck with there seeds). Anyway I am using a "Earth Box" as a grow box, it comes with Dolomite in powder form and a bag of dry nutrients that is labeled "Natural...
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    Indica clone in soil with pictures

    NEEd them to start flowering, and just advice on what to do now, indica, been growing about a month and 1 week, gets nutrients every two weeks