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plant deficiency

  1. A

    Help me identify the plant disorder!

    Hi, Im new to growing marijuana, but ive watched some vidoes and read alot to better understand the plant. Im treating the plant like its being described in many videos, however, my plant doesn’t look healthy at all. im using the GHE flora series, and cal mag. (2ml cal mag, 1ml micro, 1ml gro...
  2. M

    Plant leaves showing light brown spots, not sure what it is?

    Hello, I am growing Durban Poison and the plant is showing small brown spots. Plant is growing light green as well. Went great the first week. On day 3 of second week and these spots have popped up. Here’s the details: - DWC -water kept at 68 degrees (although it ran hot first week at about...
  3. T

    Need urgent help! Leaves are turning yellow & pale in vegetative stage

    I have got ''Speed Seeds'' Lowryder # 2 x AK 47 Auto. I have started the light schedule with CFL and Led both in first two weeks, CFL's 1x85W white color, 3x20W daylight color. Led's 1x80W bulb (120 pieces of led chips), 1x15W bulb (5 pieces of led chips), 1x10 W bulb (106 pieces of led...
  4. PaleWonder

    Twisty leaves, discoloration, purple n stems & stalk lots of pics! Help the Dummy!

    Well first off this is my first grow, I am super unprepared, on a extreme budget in an apartment closet. I have read numerous threads on this topic and have yet to see the same type of problems I am having. I will give as much info as possible from the start. First off the girls are both clones...
  5. A

    What plant deficiency do my girls have plz help

    the big fan leavs are berning at the tips an i the middle of the leaf its getting lighter green plz help me
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