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plant dying

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    My plant is dying - Leaves look weird

    Hello guys first of all i'm new and this is my first post old leaves look crispy and yellow as you can see in the picture also got white dots on leaves i checked for mites and didn't find any its normal garden soil mixed with cocopeat and perlite its lemon skunk strain i think and its outdoor...
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    First grow problems

    Hi I'm new to the forum and new to growing, and I think my plants are having issues already :14:. On my largest plant the lower leaves are turning yellow and on one of the smaller ones is turning black on the edges of the leaves. growing in soil, plants are about 1.5-2 weeks old. using a 500...
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    Urgent Advice Needed Please - All leaves turning yellow!

    Hi peeps, Been using the site to help me through my first grow, but first time posting. I've been desperately trying to diagnose the problem , but so many opinions not sure which one it is.. I'll try and keep this brief, 3 weeks into flowering, 9 plants under 2 600w hps lights...
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