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  1. flowerfarmer

    nuit lock out: AgSil 16 or neem poisoning?

    Hello 420 folks. I thought I'd try starting a small thread to diagnose my first ever serious plant issue(and I have grown for years). I have three plants outside that are all doing the same thing the oldest fan leaves are developing brownish/rusty spots about the size of a dime then turn yellow...
  2. Grayhawk

    Hmmm - You tell me what you think

    This is a bag seed from a very good herbs. I thought it was iron diff. but im not sure now. I ran mag/cal and iron threw the plant. for over 2 weeks now. given them a dose every 4-5 days. Looks great color, very distinguish markings in the leaves, bottom half looks normal. dirt good pH...
  3. R

    A Question about clones/How many times can I clone?

    Hello there people, Just a quick question for you helpful people on here. Lets say I have grown a plant from seed, I would call this first generation. If I was to take a cutting from that first generation plant and produce a new plant with it (2nd Generation), how many times can i repeat that...
  4. E

    Help! first grow!

    this is my first grow i am using some blue widow seeds and an hps light. a couple of days ago some of my plants new growth started looking kind of shriveled and underdeveloped heres a picture. any help would be awesome again this is my first grow!
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