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    Leaves shriveling up and browning

    Hey everyone thanks or taking the time to help. First set of plants I’ve grown so trying to learn from mistakes. But I have no idea what I’m doing wrong. currently in week 8 from germination and it feels like the plants are stuck on week 4 there has been slow to no new growth and and new growth...
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    Is this nutrient burn?

    I've been growing these guys for about 4 months, and I'm starting to notice the leaves turning yellow and dying. I removed several dead/dying leaves before taking the photos so there were more dead/yellow ones on the plants. I was wondering if they were suffering from nutrient burn before adding...
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    What's wrong with my plant?

    Hi there. Does anyone know what is wrong with my plants? I'm thinking it may be a PH inbalance or a magnesium deficiancy? Both new and old leaves have yellow sections. It looks like the viens are still green.
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    DWC Plant Quick Question

    I Just recently put new water in all my buckets (ph levels are around 5.7-5.8), a week to a week and a half later (after fixing one of my plants), another one of my plants is acting a little weird, the leaves are curling in and down, there are some leaves with yellow tips, any ideas...
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    Water Temperature

    I am growing in a current culture system. The problem I have run into is I change the water and chemicals every week, and this is the first winter that I have grown cannabis. The room I grow in is a great temperature, but I have to flush out my tanks and the only water supply is cold water. The...
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