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plant problem help

  1. S

    1st time need help

    Is this normal For the leaves to look like this they have been in veg for just under a 2weeks now started as a clone
  2. Serpentz

    1st Hydroponic Grow

    Hello everyone, I'm new here. I've been looking around to try and see if I can find some answer to a symptom that my first hydro grow seems to be exhibiting. I've grown some incredible plants in the soil and I am very keen on what the plant tells me by looking at the leaves and how it's growing...
  3. S

    Please help - first grow problems

    SOIL GROW Strain - diesel , strawberry blue , afghani # of Plants - 3 Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage - flower Bucket Size - 5 Gallon , 2.5 . 2.5 Lights - (4) 42 watt cfls shop light Nutrients - jacks blossom booster Medium - 75% Perlite 25% PPM - PH - 6.5 RH - 50% to 55% Room...
  4. C

    I need help, please

    Hello to all. This is my second grow. I am growing barneys farm Lucy, outdoors. I'm using ffof, grow big, big bloom, and tiger bloom for nutrients. She is starting to flower, and is about 9 ft tall. The problem is; the fan leaves are turning yellow and falling off. Some of the smaller leaves are...
  5. G

    Help me save the seedling! - Pics included

    Please help me save this little guy. He is about 3 weeks old. Water balanced at ph 6.0 and I have added the nutrients canistart pictured below. Lighting is 18/6, temp in room is 75F. What am I doing wrong? If I need additional nuts, please be specific as I am a total beginner. Thanks! Lena
  6. G

    Help - Plant from seed & Clones having spots - new grower

    Hi all, I am new to growing and am honestly going at it blindly. I have read these forums a lot, looked at youtube, etc, so I have a very general understanding of the basics, but I have hit a little snag. I have a hyrdroponics setup (maybe aeroponics, not sure of the difference) for my...
  7. U

    Need help with diagnosing my plants problem

    I'll be honest I am a complete novice at growing. This is my first grow and I need some help diagnosing it's problems. I have done loads of research to try and figure out what was wrong myself but I could do with some help from people with experience. My predictions are that the leaves are funny...
  8. S

    plant problem with PICS, please help, what is this?

    hello, i have some ~2 weeks old plants, its under 3*36w fluorescent,in 50-50%mix of 6,5ph soil and perlite (seeds: nirvana ice, gh church, gh el nino, gh cheese, gh trainwreck, gh lemon skunk) and i see on leaves many white and brown spot. what is this? and what can i do? thanks for help...
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