plant problem

  1. B

    Please help!

    First grow, 5th week into flowering (strawberry banana) natural soil, have been using dyna grow bloom but haven’t the last time I watered. Ph was 7 just got it down to 6. Leaves at bottom are turning yellow and dying. Other leaves have started curling. Don’t know what to do I don’t know if it’s...
  2. ZackaryOX

    Help Needed: First Time Grower, Issues & Solutions!

    SPECS/TEMPS/NUTES/MEDIUM: Light: 1000w Tolys full spectrum LED Medium: At first promix in the solo cups, but now have switched to FOXFARM's Happy Frog Nutes: General Hydroponics flora micro/gro/bloom, Cal-Mag and PH Down for adjustments. Strain: Lemon Jack Temps: 72F(22.22C) to 78F(25.56C) with...
  3. L

    Curling leaves - Yellow-brown spots - Slowed growth

    Hi this is my first post on this forum. Would be awesome for you guys to help me figure this one out! Also my first grow, i will explain my setup after. Anyhow, the problem I've been seeing is 2 of my young girls are having a very significant slowed growth compared to the third one (Third one is...
  4. P

    My seedling looks weird to me?

    It's 8 days old, compared to other pictures online it looks really strange? What do you guys think? P.s it's special kush.
  5. B

    Whats wrong with my plant?

    This is one about 5 weeks old and I place it outside today to get some real sun cause the leaves were really sagging and about 45 minutes later this is what happened. The leaves curled up and turned the leaves a lighter color giving them some spots. Anybody know what's wrong? This is my first...
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