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plant symptoms

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    6wk Auto, yellow leaves and brown spots (new grower need help!)

    Hi all, quite a newbie to growing. Have 4 auto flowers growing in a Wilma plant pot system in a 120 tent set up. 3 are Blue Kush Auto and one is Auto Sour Melon all just over 6weeks old and have started flowering. Plants are a bit stunted due to trial and error. 600w lights on 24/0. Currently...
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    Famous question - What is wrong with my plant?

    So famous question from every new grower, wtf is wrong with my plant!? Can anyone help? I have a new seedling, just a week and 4 days old and she started to develope yellow spots. I cant pinpoint what the issue is but its probably either over watering or underwatering. Or theres always nutrient...