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  1. G

    Autoflower might be photo - Switching back to 18/6

    The photo below may not look like a large plant, but this plant is exactly 5ft tall from the soil. It wouldn't flower so I put the room on 12-12 coming from 18-6. I got back from vacation and she is flowering now. This is day 75 for her. Is it possible she is still an Auto and I can go back...
  2. 4

    LED - DWC - First grow - Leaves look yellowish

    Hey everyone, merry christmas! Here are infos about my setup Tote Setup: Plant Issues: LED: Hans Panel (it is no china led panel, it uses all CREE LED diodes, can be dimmed and has two different settings.) -DWC top feed bubbler -2 air stones with air pump rated at 300l/h -GHE flora...
  3. H

    DWC Brown Roots

    Hi folks, I could do with some advice on this plant - I have two exactly then same in hydro buckets, both same color roots. I have just started two Dutch Passion Auto Night Queen's in DWC. The plant is about 2 weeks old, its had slightly brown root's from early days but seemed healthy. Its...
  4. H

    Height question

    Indica 3 plants (cookies Kush, strawberry/banana, mystery free seed). Indoor Soil 7gal Led lighting ss440 Temp 75f Rh 55% First time grow. Indoor, 3x3 grow tent. Worried about the height of my babies. 24 days in the ground and tallest is just 7" tall. Started with lights 20" above...
  5. T

    First Grow! Is Everything OK?

    Hey Everyone! First time grower here and just wanted to post up some photos of the babies and what my set up is and see if they look alright? I basically will be living on a bus next year so a friend and I are challenging ourselves with very low set ups and seeing what results we can get...
  6. Ron Strider

    CBD Isolate Plant To Be Built In West Kentucky

    Plans have been made to build a plant to commercially process pharmaceutical grade Cannabidiol (CBD) isolate. Kings Royal Biotech of Kentucky partnered with an industrial hemp development company from China to build the facility. Organizers say the plant will process CBD isolate, which is...
  7. F

    Yellow Tips On My Plant

    I am new to growing. This is my first. Plant has been growing in soil for about 40 days. My plant grew to within 6 inches of my grow light. Its a 250w HPS. The grow area has a 12 in fan with a exhaust fan. I have since moved the plant to about 18 in from light. The plant started to yellow at he...
  8. S

    Pitiful plant

    My plant is sad. 4wks into veg. growing in ocean forest , leaves curling ,have black spots starting on leaves, lower leaves yellowing /drooping. Upper leaves green rolling up, leaves close together not spread out like fan leaves should. Look's like lack of potassium, manganese ? any ideas...
  9. J

    Is it too late?

    Hello, I am new here and I just started to grow. I have one plant that I can't tell you much about. I found a seed in a previous bag I bought and decided to plant the seed, which then got the wheel in my head rolling. I purchased seeds, a grow tent (4'x4'x12'), soil, and nutrients (from Flower...
  10. S

    Weird Pure Power Plant veg grow

    Hi guys.! Just wanted to share my PPP veg grow pictures with you. In my mind it looking so much more indica than sativa, i havent grown this strain before so i cant compare the differrences of the grow. Bigger plant in the pictures is in 25. Day from planting the seed ( before planting...
  11. D

    Time to harvest?

    I will give you a story or you can skip down and just read the cliff-note. So this is my first grow it is an Northern light auto flower. I grow in DWC 5 gallon buckets, one out of two plants have died, lets just say my plants have gotten a lot of punish true noobie mistakes, I flower during...
  12. P

    Good people - Save my darling

    Hello to all, First of all, I have to say I realy did my homework and tried to find, whats happeing to my mj. I have 250W HPS in 60x60x150 box. In the box I grow 4 platns, 2 blue dreams (blimburnseeds) and 2 white strawberry skuns (strain hunters). All plants are 8 days old (I started counting...
  13. F

    Hunger pains

    How can you tell if a plant is hungry?
  14. F


    I seem to be able to up load pictures but I need them to go to the grow room plant problems any help will be apreciated
  15. Jackalope

    Canna Cat?

    I have a male plant that I want to keep. I would like to keep it in veg and take clone if I need pollen. I don't really have a place for a father plant. I know of a lot of situations of animals eating pot plants. and it doesn't hurt them. A friends great dane used to vacuum up fan leaves as they...
  16. K

    Sam's 1st Grow - Nirvana JH, NL & AK48 In Coco

    Goals: Try to learn while providing myself a source for flowers without getting into buying on the street. My job/career is very sensitive to keeping this activity under the radar. I have had a lot of medical issues (digestive) that seem to only get better when I partake. I went to a legal...
  17. G

    Need help on plant id

    I bought these clones 3 weeks ago. 2 of each: GSC, GDP, G13 and Utopia Haze. All are growing nice except my "Utopia Haze" pic attached. Other pic is other plants...GSC, GDP, and G13 H. According to plant charistics of Utopia that I have researched this plant isn't Utopia H. The plant is 12"...
  18. ckenney82

    White Widow Autoflower Grow Journal

    Resources: Humboldt Nutrients Growers Lounge Marijuana Seeds Canada - Buy Cannabis Seeds For Sale - Crop King This is my first grow ever. I cant guage ppm or lux. Type: Indoor / Outdoor Growing: Easy Flowering Time: 8 Weeks Indica/Sativa: 60% Indica Effect: Strong High THC...
  19. Oldbear

    Are You Overfeeding Your Girls?

    I found a couple of articles on over feeding. Hope it helps people. As one who seems to have a problem with overfeeding I can give a few symptoms to look for. 1. Spots on the leaves 2. Discolored (yellowing) leaves 3. Leaves curling downward 4. Browning and loss of foliage It's...
  20. unkied

    Is This Potassium Deficiency?

    Hoping somebody can help nail down what's wrong with my plants. 4 feminized White Widows, 46 days old, 7 days since switch over to 12/12. 1 day after switch, 1 plant started getting brown edges/tips on one branch. The leaves were about in the middle of the plant. A day or 2 later a 2nd plant...
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