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  1. H

    Trainwreck and Oregon Kush Kush-First Grow Attempt

    Trainwreck Kush Grow So I just started germinating the seeds for my Trainwreck and Kush plants, seeds all dug out of buds so I know its the right strain. I've got the seeds germinating in damp paper towels right now, I don't know how well this will work but I don't have money or a wash cloth...
  2. I

    Help, finally bringing plants in because of cold, need advice.

    First off, let me tell you now i DO NOT READ when i ask a question or am looking something up, and get a 30 paragraph response for a simple quesstion please just answer in 1-3 sentences for the following questions PLEASE I DONT WANT THEM TO DIE 1.First off whats a good temperature, im...
  3. I

    Need help, temperature of -outdoor- plants

    recently its been getting colder around my house(southern wisconsin).The temperature today was in the mid 50s and its still like that tonight, however its supposed to start getting colder..by that i mean 50s by day and high thirties low forties at night. Ive been growing 3 beautiful plants that...
  4. jaxxx

    Hi Guys! Could use some growing tips, check out my plant (pictures included)

    Hi there guys! Basically, i picked some seeds out of some pretty crappy weed i had the unfortune of purchasing and thought i'd bung 'em in the dirt and see what happened. i germinated them, then stuck them in some soil, (i got 3 flants in one pot which i have been told is not a good idea as...
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