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  1. Planting time

    Planting time

    Time to plant these ladies
  2. Jessecavs

    New to growing could use some help & advice

    So I’m fairly knowledgeable or at least I presumed to be lol , however it takes more than some sunshine and rain to get great results. So I have a few questions regarding the reasons for my plants being unsuccessful. Pictured - they’re all the same strain (berrywhite) and planted 2/20/19...
  3. S

    Weird Pure Power Plant veg grow

    Hi guys.! Just wanted to share my PPP veg grow pictures with you. In my mind it looking so much more indica than sativa, i havent grown this strain before so i cant compare the differrences of the grow. Bigger plant in the pictures is in 25. Day from planting the seed ( before planting...
  4. S

    Germinated seed

    What is the ideal germinated seed look like before planting into soil?
  5. SmokeyBear88

    Start watering pots before planting seeds?

    This is my first real organic grow. Should I water the pots a week or two before planting the seeds? Im using 3 gal fabric bags and auto seeds. I bought worm castings, coco coir, azomite, alfalfa, rice hulls and fish bone meal. I will buy a few other things like great white.
  6. Ron Strider

    VA: Hemp Supporters Laud The Crop, But Research Continues

    A group of farmers, local legislators and researchers came out to Virginia State University's Randolph Farm on Aug. 17 to learn about the possibilities of growing industrial hemp in the state. Two years ago, the state authorized institutions of higher education to grow industrial hemp for...
  7. Ron Strider

    NC: WNC Hemp Crop Is In The Ground

    In early June, Brian Bullman and Brian Morris, founders of Asheville-based Carolina Hemp Co., were about halfway through an all-hands-on-deck planting process. "We've been out here planting every day, including the weekend," says Bullman. The growers are thrilled to finally be planting hemp...
  8. K

    Is everything okay with him?

    Unfortunately, I do not know the exact type. This is my first try of planting. Everything is OK with him?
  9. H


    Hi all :welcome::welcome: Long time grower,smoker from South Africa. New to this forum, heard its a good one. Hope to be able to share with everyone. And learn from the users here.. Planting season is upon us in the Southern hemisphere, exciting times ahead. Awe
  10. F

    Hi to all from Croatia

    Hello to all 420 growers. I am new at 420 forum. I hope that we will share the experiences. I wish everyone a successful planting and harvesting.
  11. K

    Grow room pot size

    What is the best size pot to put plants in for growing indoors. The strains that I am planting are Northern Lights auto flowering and Sour Diesel.
  12. L

    Save My Plants

    Hello all! I am a newbie to medical cannabis and have spent mant hours researching to no prevail. We've had these little guys for just about a month. We did purchased and we're using miracle grow for gardens that feeds for 3 months but thought since it was more for gardens that it was the...
  13. X

    Starting outdoors in spring

    Hi I live in northern California and I am wondering... If I start my seeds in March, probably March 15th, do they need any supplemental light? Will they just veg through the short days of the early spring and keep going till fall? I plan to make sure they do no freeze. At what point in a...
  14. B

    Staggered planting vs. all at once?

    High everyone!, I'm a first timer growing for self-pleasure :) I'm ordering some seeds this week and decided to go with auto-flowering as from reading it seems like I'll have the best chance of success as a noobie. My question for you pros is: Should I plant one or two seeds at a time with...
  15. 4

    Help First time grower, here's what I got - Tell me what I need to do!

    I apologize ahead of time for probably not using the correct vocabulary or terminology (still a noob) This is my first real shot at trying to grow my own bud. I live in Colorado wayyyyyy out of the way so security is NO problem. I bought a plant from a legal licensed grower for $20. The...
  16. R


    I'm currently growing my first group of cannabis plants under a Dirt Genius DGLGL280HO LED light. Things started off well, I wasn't sure how many plants would grow since it's my first time growing, so I planted about 5-10 seeds in a moderately sized planter to see what came up. Most of the seeds...
  17. 5

    Let me introduce myself

    I grew up in Southern California in the 60's and 70's, and in high school I was part of the group known as the stoners, even though I didn't smoke pot or anything else at that time, I just like the people in the stoners group, plus they were the most fun to be around. They liked me because I...
  18. T

    New to growing

    Hey all, I was with my dealer recently and we're pretty tight so he asked me if I wanted some extra kush seeds he got from his brother, who apparently grows. Never being one to pass up free shit I accepted and he handed me a plastic bag with the seeds. Problem is, I don't know the first thing...
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