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  1. D

    3 Plant - Micro SCROG - 2x2x5

    Sup Home growers! Sorry for sloppy layout. First ever grow going on day 7 of my 3 plant micro SCROG. Plants are Sour D clones given to me( donated ). I have tied the plants down since day 1 and some good LST is paying off. I would like to get some feedback for the following questions. 1. How...
  2. Twilight LED

    New Products Released from Twilight Groups!

    Hello everyone! Good news for all of you. twilight led has lauched some products of Spider series LED grow lights,here are the pictures below: Spider 16-1440 Spider 09-810 Spider 06-540 Spider 04S-432 The popular one - 432w spider 4R Spider 02-180 Spider 01-90...
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