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    RedEyeGuy's 3x3 Twin 300W LEDs - Soilless with AN - Pineapple BBxJack Herer

    Hey everybody! I'm excited to share with you my first journal from start to finish. Please feel free to make any comments or suggestions along the way, I welcome all forms of criticism :cool027:. Now for the details... Grow space: 3x3 ebay special tent. Lighting: 2x P300 (new case style)...
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    300W LED Mixed Grow

    Hello World this is my first go around with my LED light. I have been holding onto these cherry AK seeds gifted to me 3 years ago and have finally decided to throw em in some soil. What strain is it? Cherry AK, Flubber (la plata labs), Petroleum Jelly (la plata labs) Indicas- Flubber and...
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