1. U

    Abandoned Ubertron Pineapple Chunk LED

    Hello World, This is my first indoor hyrdo grow. 4th grow ever. Will provide weekly updates. Welcome any advice or questions. Lights: 100w LED Flood Light 6500k (first 2 weeks) 4x 4' T5 Tubes 6500k (while waiting for LEDs) PlatinumLED P450 (forever <3) Tent: Original Stacker Grow Tents -...
  2. 420Epicurean

    Abandoned Kpunx' - High Brix - Chocolope - Critical Kush - Indoor

    Welcome gardeners! This is my first journal and first real grow of the lovely medicine. I've been quietly lurking in the corner for a year or so, doing research and over analyzing everything as I tend to do. Finally took that all important first step about a month ago and decided to pull the...
  3. H

    Completed H1gher3's - Soil - DNA Genetics Tangie - Grow Journal - 2015

    4x4 Grow Tent 1 PlatinumLED P450 1 1000w Nanolux digital balast powering a Hortilux HPS 1000w bulb @50% 6" Badazz Blower inline fan hooked up to HPS 8,000btu(I think, can't remember exact)portable a/c outside of tent now with half duct off and ran into tent. Pots- 5gal smart pots Soil-...
  4. Xbones

    Completed Jay the Cannabis Explorer - LED Grow

    Hey everyone its time again to flower! The Cheese,Blurp,and Strawberry Purple Urkle that has been vegging over 40 days has been moved to the 5Gal Ebb&Grow system in the flowering tent. They are so bushy and growing fast! Ill have 3 more joining them in a month after i'm sure the spider mites are...
  5. C

    Completed HiBrix - OPP x 2 - 20 Gallon

    Welcome!! Again I am playing with DocBuds High Brix Blend (aka the Kit) and some fantastic lighting provided by Home :: Platinum Grow Lights. I have had fantastic results with my last 2 grows with both of these. I can't say enough about either of these 2 products, they are fantastic. My...
  6. C

    Completed HSO Lost Coast Hashplant - One Plant 2 Lights One Love

    What strain is it? Humboldt Seed Organisation~ Lost Coast Hashplant Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? 80/20 Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Veg If in Veg... For how long? almost 16 weeks now Indoor or outdoor? Indoor Soil or Hydro? Soil If soil... what is in your mix? Doc...
  7. Xbones

    Completed Xbones Super-Grow Adventure - Veg For Juicing & Flowering For Everything!

    Hello everyone! Told you I would be back and dang it im back with Platinum LED's! lol Sadly a few years ago when I started my first grow I had to shut down shortly after I started and return to Oklahoma to help family with my mom that ended up having Dementia. I hope to get her out here to...
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