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please help new grower

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    Please advise - First time DIY hydro setup with day 2 of germination

    Thank you in advance for any and all help. I\'m in the germination process using the paper towel method for lowrider dwarf autoflowering seeds and from the YouTube video I watched it said not to use rock wool or clay pebbles, only plant directly into soil? Correct me if I\'m wrong but doesn\'t a...
  3. F

    Please help this newb

    Hey guys, I am trying to figure out what to set my co2 regulator at, my room is 15'x11'x8.5' I have one fan drawing air out at its an 8" 720CFM fan, other than that the only air Going out is from the space under the door, and the air intake is from a 12,00btu airconditioner. I'm trying to...
  4. B

    Epic story possible epic thread if anyone cares to indulge

    Alright not sure if I'll even find out if someone responds to this but oh well here's what I got... got a bag seed no idea what strain I'm wingin this shizzy... and this shizzy is crazy as Hizzy!!! OK anyhoozer no bs.... got a bag seed germinated it in souffle cup sprouted in 2 days grew...
  5. N

    having problems with humidity... help please!

    ok... this is my first grow and i just want some good advice on this subject (i know that can be hard to come by on these forums). A little about my situation, i have an 8x8x6.5 tent with 6 600w hps. I'm on day 14 of flower with some GG#4. i can keep my temperature at 75-78F but living up in the...
  6. A

    plants stoped growing(5 days old)

    Germinated perfectly in jar of warm water(few hours) Ok i planted my babies on the 25th.(3 seedlings) Everthing was going well. Had to take a trip(out of town)(few days). Had my lady watch & water them. (When needed). Running a 18/6 Fan stays on temp/humidity is perfect. 3 Cfl lights...
  7. C

    What's wrong with my babies

    I got them about four days ago they have grown 1 inch since then. I transplanted them into Tupur soilless mix. I have watered them twice with tap water 300 mL each. The room temperature stays around 75 to 79° during the day and 67 to 70° at night (Fahrenheit) Room humidity hovers around...
  8. F

    White Russian's 12 days old - Problems!

    Hoping someone would help guide me through my current mess... I popped 6 white russian fem's (ss) on Oct.28. I used the paper towel method but just barely allowed the tap root to pop.. them I dropped them in 1.5 inch rockwool. They broke surface on the 31st, roughly. I had the rockwool in a tray...
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