1. Brassico

    Help! DWC ASAP!

    Hi sorry to see manic im not i just am new to dwc i grow in soil so im having some trouble i believe root rot is ruled out i need professional assistance to what the yellow on the leaves and colas is Please anybody that has any info let me know iv never seen this before here the roots and...
  2. R

    Hello! RamsayBolton from Germany here!

    "Please allow me to introduce myself..." thats the beginning of a great song i really like. Please guess which Song and Band i mean^^. I'm 33 years old, male, and i live and grow in Germany, so i'm not a native speaker but i hope you understand what i like to tell you. I studied physics...
  3. R

    Newbie Grower

    Hi Everyone! My name is Kamelot and it's my first time growing cannabis i would just like to know if i'm doing it right Please check the photo TIA!
  4. George Mc

    I am in need of a Fox Farm feeding schedule

    I have done searches on this site and on the internet and came up with different charts. Can someone please point me in the direction or post a picture of the best feeding schedule for cannabis. Thank you in advance
  5. M

    Need your advice - What light is the best for me?

    Hello , thanks for all the nice information this forum is providing for all of us. please excuse my english i will try to make my words clear i need help in choosing the best lights for my growing cabinet , i did reed many articles but i am still confused . first of all this is my growing...
  6. C

    Not a normal yellowing issue - Please give opinions

    First time poster here so please do not be gentle. Be blunt and be honest. about 2 weeks ago my Thai plant started getting yellow leaves all throughout the tree. But this yellowing does not seem to be deficiency related and seems to be more of a very beautiful golden color but it has me...
  7. Y

    Dyna Gro feed schedule?

    Dose anyone have a feed schedule fo Dyna gro for a DWC?? I do not use RO WATER. I use tap water. I use the bucket system. Feed Chart – Dyna-Gro This schedule is so powerful that there is a risk of nute burns. Please tell us your own recipe. PLEASE I NEED HELP
  8. K

    How long do I have seeds in 24hr lights

    Yesterday was day 21 in planting seeds, they are doing ok, but how long do ikeep them on 24 hr lights, when do I change to 12 n 12, can anyone help please, this is my firstgrow, 4 northern light and 5 ak48. :Namaste:
  9. D

    Is this ready to harvest?

    Hi. My first auto grow and need experts help please. Are these looking ready to harvest???
  10. S

    New grower - Please help - I don't know why my light doesn't work

    Hello everyone I am a first time grower and super happy that I finaly have an the gear! I watched numerous videos on how to set it all up and I am pretty sure everything is connected right. That is why I find it weird that when I plug the light in it takes a second to come on and when it does...
  11. 4

    Please help - 10 days to harvest

    I have 10 days until my harvest. All if a sudden. Mites are everywhere. My leaves are dying. I need a solution please. Anything I can do this close to harvest to rid myself of these pests?
  12. Q

    My baby is dying! Please help!

    i cannot identify what is going on! ive had several issues throught the grow, first really high ph water, then way too much nitrogen, now this! please someone help me diagnose this poor baby!
  13. H

    First Grow - 4'x4' Tent - Organic Soil - Nutes & Teas - RO Water & Love - Help Wanted - 2018

    Introduction/Background Hello and welcome to my first grow/journal...thanks for visiting! Before getting into things let me give you a little background. I have limited experience helping and observing some very advanced indoor grows and as a result I got the itch. I am definitely a...
  14. C

    Please help - What is this

    I have speckes on my leaves not many but getting worse can anyone help
  15. G

    I'm new

    Yes so I'm taking it slow and not rushing. But can someone tell me how to do pics of my plant. Easy way please lol.
  16. W

    Topping Auto Flowers

    I have Auto Mendo Mass Feminized Marijuana Seeds by Critical Mass Collective Seeds - Sensible Seeds And i would like to know if they are strong enough to topping. Please comment only if u amiliar with subject. Thanks in adcvance.
  17. T

    Need some help please

    Can someone tell me whats wrong with this plant please does it need nutes or has it had to many.
  18. G

    Please help asap

    I recently started growing a mystery seed that exploded and started the grand journey beginning it's life in a plastic cup I found laying keep in mind I have no grow equipment and didn't really expect the seed to produce but the seedlings gigantic and only on the beggining of its...
  19. aspiegeek

    Stealth grow heat issue - Help please

    Hey all. I'd be grateful for some help. I'm growing 2 CANDIDA plants in a modified wardrobe. I have 2 clip fans, 1 intake fan and a exhaust with carbon filter. Its in my office which is the coldest room in the house plus away from where most people visit. But I'm having heating issues...
  20. D

    What's up boys and girls ladies and gentlemen! Need help please!

    My name is Derrick and any information is great information
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