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  1. B

    Seed to harvest DWC

    Any tips, info, knowledge, ideas, will be 5 gallon buckets with 6 in grodan blocks with starter plugs AND GOOOOOOOOO.... .
  2. gr865

    Problems with cloning

    I have had great success with RootRiot plugs. I run a skewer thru the center of the plug to make it easier to push the stem in, soak in your solution of choice, lightly squeeze the plug,dip the stems in Clonex Rooting Jel and put the clone into the plug. When I cut my clones I put them in a...
  3. F

    Help Starting a Seed in Root Riot Plugs

    Hey guys these questions may sound stupid because apparently they're already known since i can find the answers anywhere. theres a million threads on starting seeds but none on really taking care of them or watering them once they're planted, well none on the root riot plugs lol but any ways...