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  1. Ron Strider

    This Recent Development Could Signal Danger For Marijuana Stocks

    One decision by a major bank could mean trouble in the not-too-distant future for marijuana stocks. PNC Financial Services is shutting down the bank accounts for a major advocacy group for marijuana legalization, the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP). According to The Washington Post, Nick...
  2. Ron Strider

    US Cannabis Group Denied Banking, Time For Bitcoin

    Fiat-based legal cannabis entities in the US are under pressure as an advocacy group suddenly loses its bank account. As multiple resources report, The Marijuana Policy Project this week received notification from PNC Bank it could no longer use its services. MPP, which does not directly...
  3. R

    Guam: Completed Medical Marijuana Draft Rules And Regs Still With AG

    No explanation was given as to why it hasn't been submitted yet. Charfauros also could not say when the draft rules and regulations will be submitted. Guam Public Health says that they have still not received the completed rules and regulations for medical marijuana. It's been almost two...