1. B

    To Use or Not To Use Bug Poisons?

    Hey gang. I have seen a lot of posts this afternoon from people trying to deal with spider mites, white flies, aphids and all the rest of those little creatures. My 1st grow I had so many white flies I thought of giving up and starting over. I was only using Sticky Yellow pads hung inside my...
  2. CA8E500F-FF51-4D3F-9D66-0E3093BD0104.jpeg


    Earliest PoisonSkunk random cola
  3. BD70E671-881F-4255-8539-24E62D06D2B6.jpeg


    Earliest PoisonSkunk to flower and first plant harvested 2019
  4. Basement Prod

    Durban Poison first grow and potential issue

    Hi I am new. Starting to grow Durban Poison, plant is currently one week old and one leaf is showing discoloration at the tips and the tips are starting to curl up a little. May just be paranoid or maybe the start of something not sure. Growing in soil in a solo cup under a 20 watt CFL about 5...
  5. B

    Durban Poison problems

    I am a seasoned grower. Recently I purchased Durban Poison seeds. I attempted to germinate 3 seeds, 2 of which sprouted. The seeds were then put in Rapid Rooter, then after the seeds developed leaves, it was placed in a hydro setup. Both plants were extremely slow growers, with one finally...
  6. B

    Durban Poison grow

    I am attempting to grow Durban Poison, but am having a bit of trouble. I have germinated 3 seeds, and got two seedlings. They were started using the paper towel method and then transferred to Rapid Rooters. They were in Rapid Rooters after sprouting, ten day, 5 days later were put into hydro...
  7. D

    Help - Bud rot!

    Hello: After a long rainy spell I have bud rot (brown on some flowers) on my Durban Poison. I am about 10 days from harvest What should/can I do? Thanks
  8. B

    Hydro Durban Poison flowering

    Someone gave me 4 hydro durban poison plants..I only have used soil and don't know what to do with these..I have put them under leds...do hydros always look this thin..my durban poison and Cali O are pictured here second..what do I do with the hydro durban poison?
  9. Loony

    Abandoned Loony's Durban Poison Indoor Grow 06/2017

    Just completed my first SCROG grow. i learnt that I know stuff all about the SCROG method of growing. A Big Bud/White Widow Hermi'd on me but that was due to to much stress and tipping the plant way too many times. As the Durban poison has turned out to be as good as I remembered from 30 years...
  10. FoolsParadise

    Poison Ivy Prevention

    If you've done a bit of outdoor gardening, you've probably come into contact with poison ivy, oak or sumac. During my first attempt to grow outdoors, I prepped my site in October when all the leaves had fallen. Didn't realize that the oil in poison ivy is also in the roots. I ended up with a...
  11. J

    durban poison

    Hi I am planning next outdoor garden. I am looking for high THC>20% DURBAN POISON seeds or clones. thanks for your help jim
  12. S

    Completed Weed Match - Bloody Skunk vs Bloody Skunk vs Red Poison

    1 Red Poison in 11L Soil will compete with 2 Bloody Skunk in 25 and 11 liters respectively. - Bloody Skunk genetics is " Sweet Skunk x Red Poison", and so far Bloody Skunk is my favorite weed, but I never tasted Red Poison, which I saw in other people's grows, and it looks sweet. - Bloody...
  13. A

    Durban Poison - Anyone had it? How good is it really?

    I bought three seeds just because I've never smoked pure sativa before and I was curious, plus it was a good price (3 for $30). But last week I searched google to find out what the best tasting bud was and Durban Poison was ranked #1 so I'm pretty excited to try it. Anyone grow it or smoke it...
  14. X

    Abandoned 2nd Grow - Urban Poison - LED - Coco in SmartPots - Manifold/Mainline/Fluxing

    Second Grow, first journal. Using a 300w LED grow light 2x Nirvana Urban Poison feminized seed 3 gal SmartPots General Hydro nutes Small grow space, limited on height First grow was an auto NL, which yielded quite a bit. First attempt at non-auto, as well as Manifold training...
  15. czarLION

    Plants Not Flowering (Poison Kush)

    Hi, I'm not sure if these plants mature late or the deal is, but all my other plants had no problem reaching the flower stage. Any advice will be helpful, or perhaps you may know how this strain matures. Strain/Clone: Poison Kush. Method of Growing: Outdoor. Age: 4 months old. Soil...
  16. M

    G-13 Labs Poison Dwarf Auto-flowering

    Note: I looked around ALOT on auto-flowering strains for some decent info but can't find much. I plan on buying these seeds & growing them in cheap soil bought from walmart, in a cut open 2 liter bottle, & i plan to setup a fairly strong but small (8x8 in.) florescent light over 4 plants (18...
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