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    Birth of a pollensack
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    Acapulco pollen brench after treatment in bubbler
  3. Pine Tar Kush aka '79Xmas Bud phenotype hunt

    Pine Tar Kush aka '79Xmas Bud phenotype hunt

    Pine Tar Kush aka '79 Xmas Bud
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    Female Pollen Sacs after Colloidal Silver Treatment
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    GDP Grand Daddy Purple Sprayed with Colloidal Silver showing pollen Sacs
  6. O

    Kief Boxes

    Here are the first few kief boxes from our first batch (7 more currently being stained). These are made with various hardwoods; Purpleheart, Maple, Cherry, Wenge, Walnut They are using Lexan (glass is available) for the pullout lid and tray The lid and tray are held securely using rare earth...
  7. Z

    Possible hermie

    I'm 6 weeks into flowering on Ghost train Haze and I just found these today. Is it a Hermie? If it is can I save it just by removing the pollen sacks as they develop it still has three to five weeks to go Thanks.
  8. G

    Male and light cycle

    Hi - question. As was expected, a couple males popped up in the DJ short BB seeds I recently planted. The pollen sacs are already forming even under 18h light - that is, I hadn't started my plants on bloom sched yet. This is good. Wondering if males will produce pollen under 18 hours. The...
  9. P

    Bee pollen as nutrient

    Hello! I was wondering if be pollen would be good as a nutrient?
  10. Jackalope

    Pollen Chuckers!

    Everyone is "Labeling" people these days. I find the label Pollen Chucker's very offensive. Never once have I chucked pollen! I have never even tossed pollen! Recently I painted on pollen with a small paint brush. I did this carefully. Nothing careless like chucking.... Enough with the labels LOL.
  11. G

    Is this a pollen sac on a flowering auto female?

    This auto cbd white widow never got going and may produce 10 dry grams of popcorn buds. I'm chopping her up tomorrow. Anyway, are these pollen sacs in the pic below.
  12. D

    Using colloidal silver to make feminized pollen

    Hi I have been spraying colloidal silver on some clones now since 9-14 I changed the light the same day I started spraying. So they are flowering . Has anyone tried this process before? I am trying to produce feminized pollen. I don't see male pollen sacks yet . I have sprayed once a day...
  13. D

    Question about hermaphrodite & update

    So my plant i named double dragon because it topped itself from seedling turned out to be male..it has plenty of healthy pollen sacks and now its showing female hairs in some spots........before i noticed the hairs i was planning on collecting pollen and saving it to use on a female so i can try...
  14. N

    First grow - Do I have a hermaphrodite?

    I'm doing an outdoor white widow feminized grow. I think they started about flowering about a week ago. The one that is furthest along is pictured here. I am seeing both pistils and small round things that look flowers or maybe male pollen sacks. Can anyone tell me if I likely have a...
  15. O

    CKS Northern Lights Auto Question - Pollen Sacs & Buds?

    Hey yall! Brand new member here :) I´ve tried reading a lot to learn as much as possible and make the right questions. I have a NL Auto from CropKings on Day 42 now. My baby is healthy, probably not like some others you see here formany reasons (my lack of experience, first grow, limited...
  16. F

    Just Entered 6th week of flower & noticed "Bananas". Possible Hermies!

    .Hi all, thanks foremost for reading. I've just entered the 6th week of flower and noticed these bananas. Done my research & I'm stuck on what to do next. I have 2 compartments and I've took it out of the main one and put it into the smaller one, just incase it does fuck up my other plants...
  17. S

    Male or female?

    It took two weeks for this girl scout cookies bag seed to show... He was healthy.. Question.. Can I save the pollen sacs for a later pollinating?
  18. H

    Help please - Round sack with white hair under cola

    flower time week 5 are these male/already pollen/hermie or normal female? !!! Second question ----------------- flower time week 5 sativa female colas still no trichomes is it normal? is it possible to plant to flower till harvest without producing trichomes? tnx
  19. K

    Hermie pollen worth saving?

    I've got a female that went hermie on me. I've chopped and saved the pollen or some at least. The plant was seriously stressed in veg due to PH being all over the place. Everything stopped growing for about two weeks until I figured it out and got things back to where they needed to be. I'm...