1. Pollinated Cheese with Afghani

    Pollinated Cheese with Afghani

    Experiment complete
  2. Greensmurf420

    Abandoned GreenSmurfs 4/20 Perpetual 2014 Multi Strain Grow!

    Here is what I have in my current seed collection for this journal. White Widow(m/f), White Rhino(m/f), Ice(m/f), Medusa(m/f), Bubblelicious(m/f), Wonder Woman(m/f), Chrystal(m/f) and New York Power Diesel(f). I will be adding more to this collection as I'm pollinating with some White...
  3. S

    Can hermaphrodites pollenate my veg plants??

    i have now learned days away from harvesting that i have hermaphrodite in my flower room; big buds with a bunch of seed pods (i cant believe i didn't notice all these seeds earlier). Not seeing the signs when it happened i believe since i never experienced this before. It is the first...
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