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  1. L

    Need help to breed autoflowers

    Hello guys, I'd love some help to breed autoflowers. I have regular autoflowers (Himalayan blue diesel). Will I get regular, stable autoflowers if I manually pollinate the female using the male? Or, will they be unstable? Should I just look at colloidal silver to get feminised seeds and...
  2. Stinky Snid

    Which plant do I pollinate - Auto Lemon Skunk x ?

    Hey all, just would like your votes on which plant/s I should pollinate with my male lemon skunk auto? 1: Dark Devil Auto (sweet seeds) 2: Deep Blue C Auto (mephisto genetics) 3: Tyrone Special Ltd... (mephisto genetics) 4: White Widow/Bubblegum/CBD Shark Shock Feminized 5...
  3. BorisHoris

    First grow - Should I pollinate?

    Hi I'm a newbie, currently gathering materials for my first grow - a small (3 plant) cupboard grow. So far I have the cupboard, reflective sheeting, I'll get my fan/duct and filter tomorrow and I'm currently choosing light - probably LED or CFL. I've done a heap of reading over the last couple...