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  1. mrking

    Veg, Clone, Flower, Force Pollen With Colloidal Silver, Pollinate Mother For Feminized Seeds

    I currently have a 20:1 CBD hybrid growing outdoors and happened to come across an article on creating feminized seeds with colloidal silver. Well, now I have to try it. :) The strain is a real hodge podge consisting of " AC/DC Clone X Columbian X Thai X Swiss X Nepalese Landrace X (Some sour...
  2. P


    Hi I was wondering if I pollinate one bud on my female will my whole plant produce seeds or do I have to pollinate the whole thing to produce seeds
  3. R

    Grow Club: clones, genetics, growing, pollinating

    now every sunday @ 3:00 pm! Step up your game in an exciting roundtable series from our new grow club think tank, The Crop Circle, hosted by Big Bud Bill. Meet fellow growers and trade genetics and tips on pollinating, cloning, pests, and microgrows.* *This club is a good fit for serious...
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