poor broke beginner

  1. The420Dude

    Another Poor Man's Grow!

    Hello 420 community! The420Dude here to show those of you with little to no money, to invest in your grow, how to get it done the poor man's way. This method will cost less than $15 for the average person depending on what you may have already. You'll need; 1.Cardboard box 2.Cfl lights...
  2. G

    Our First Grow (CFL) Brainstorm & Lemon Skunk

    :ganjamon: This is my and roommates first grow ever and we would love all the help we can get. This is our set up we have 2 closets we are currently growing out of. The first one we started is just some seeds we had, they are doing well but we started a second grow. The second closet is the...
  3. bigman151

    My lil gifts from the man upstairs

    Ok figure I might as well start my journal. For right now im starting with clones that have a nice story with how I got them .tell yall bout that n a min got a basic set up for right now clones come from what I can only think is bag seed got 5 clones a few cfl's @ a double tube fl about 20in...
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