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poor mans grow

  1. HotHeadBurner

    Pioneering indoor Cannabis growing in my country with Land Races & Bag Seeds: sigh

    Hello 4.20ians. This might be mighty tricky. (Grow equipment attached to know the scale of the task) (More pictures at the bottom, plus I played at topping one) This will be first grow, for health reasons obviously ... cos the crap I get sold to smoke in my country is straight butt-hole and...
  2. Y

    600W LED First Time Grower

    Hello 420 family.. I'm gonna grow cannabis for the first time.. As it is strictly illegal here i have to be really cautious..1g can get you 6 to 10 years prison.. Here in my country there isn't any strain and we can buy seed online or whatever we have only one strain here brought from indian...
  3. Blazingbuds

    Blazingbuds' CFL & LED Soil Grow - Unknown Strain

    Hey guys, welcome to my grow! Now let me start by saying i have ZERO experience with growing; but I've been lurking here as a guest for months. Before i get any comments, I'm seriously lacking on the grow equipment, I know. Recently, I picked up some Medical Cannabis, and there was a very...
  4. B

    New grower here, seriously need help/direction

    Is this right? I have a plant, found a seed in a bag I'd bought and thought why not, I haven't a clue what it is and all the searches I do leave me soooooo confused as to what I should be doing, they all seem plant specific, can anyone help me here, preferrably from the uk as I'm there...
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