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  1. E

    Advice to try and save this poor little thing

    Hi all, first time grower but experienced organic gardener here. so this poor little seedling has been going for 4 days since being planted with a 1 cm taproot. it popped above surface no issues, but on morning after the shell was still stuck. I gave the shell exactly 3 drops of water via...
  2. F

    First time! 14 days

    Sorry guys my english is poor ! tent 5 x 5 light 1000 led fan for air circulation + carbon filter For first test! Purple Kush I use this method for germined and work perfectly ! https://www.cropkingseeds.com/images/How-to-Germinate-Seeds-Crop-King-Seeds.jpg When...
  3. F

    What am I growing? And why are my buds in such bad shape? Help!

    Hi people A couple of months ago i found a seed and grow it and basically built a grow room around it, the plant is massive its a female its in week 8 in flowering there are many bud sites but they are very little or no trichs and the buds look poor, can any one tell me what i can do to get...
  4. 4

    1st grow - Do these look okay?

    My first grow, my poor plants have been seriously over stressed. I know I overwatered, and started them out with very poor amounts of light. I think I also gave them nutrients too early in their life cycle, but have since cut back. I totally screwed up the pH because the pH meter I was using...
  5. D


    What's up everyone my name is Richard but I go by Dick. I would like to showcase a friend of a friend of a friends cheapogrowforthelow. To make matters worst I am grow.....I mean he... is growing in the basement. This guy is flat broke with no means of earning any extra cash, so naturally this...
  6. I

    Nutrient question

    Okay, Im pretty late in my grow and my plants seem healthy, but i never have given them nutrients and i completely forgot what soil im using. Is there anything specific i can be giving them? I also am very low on cash so any house held items with nutrients would be great. Btw im in the flowering...
  7. InhaledFreq

    InhaledFreq 1st actual grow closet cfl poor man's - month 4 of flowering to harvest

    This is my very first grow This grow was started mid August, 2008 and harvested at the end of November, 2008. Here's the info... What strain is it? Unknown bagseed. A good, potent commercial strain, no doubt. Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Hybrid % unknown, I might...
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