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  1. F

    Seed popped out of the soil! But so did the root - Wtf?

    so i've planted my seeds yesterday and today they popped out of the ground. One of them however had the root that also popped out of the ground. I added a bit of soil on top of the tip of the root and moisten it up. Ps: I've been using humidity dome on each pot. is there a way to fix this?
  2. WoundedKnee

    WoundedKnee's First Medical Grow

    This is my first grow, so all help is greatly appreciated. I really like the incredible help all you experts impart on use 'grow virgins', there is no aloof and snide remarks, just great advice in a well explained manner. I am on a very tight budget and have managed to get all my equipment for...
  3. Dave Groomer

    C-99 twins - Who's seen this?

    In all the seeds I have popped, I have never seen one do this. It was my last c-99 seed. Germinated normally in a paper towel. Put her in a 1 gal pot of high brix, and here is what popped up. Definitely only one seed. Pretty cool though. :circle-of-love::peace:
  4. Cannafan

    Error box comes when trying to edit a post. Title error, too many characters?

    I was trying to add (edit) some information to a post a bit ago, and every time I tried to add the line I wanted an error box popped up about the title being too long. I tried several times to add the line either before the website link I had included, and after spacing below the website url a...
  5. Gaffle

    HSO Sour Diesel & HSO Blue Dream & DBHBB

    Well hello there! How is all you nice peoples? I am finally putting up a journal with the intentions of doing the DBHBB proud! I avoided a journal with my first round of growing solely so I could get the feel of the process. I wanted to get one grow done by using some advice from the gang...
  6. CatnipTC

    Perfect Sun 1000 Basement Grow - First Timer Welcomes Guidance

    CatnipTC Basement Grow Journal Background: Had a stroke about 5yrs ago and was forced to retire. Found that marijuana was helpful in relieving stress and keeping my blood pressure down. I was spending a lot of money on my medicine so I decided to do something about it. Started growing plants...
  7. O

    S.O.S. seedlings bank

    Anyone have any reviews from Southern Oregon Seeds? Looking for a couple autos to throw in with my photos and they popped up on Google search. Anyone have first hand experience they would like to share? Much appreciated!
  8. G

    Seedlings in jiffys help?

    Hi I'm really in need of help if anyone can be much appreciated! I've got some seedlings in jiffys white widow x big bud I've got 5 of them. 2 have popped but they're yellow and pale there's a pic of one in the link below. Just wondering if I should put them under light this is the 4th day they...
  9. gr865

    Fall '15 - White Rhino & Exodus Cheese

    Hoping to journal this grow, but I am still extremely busy. Ok, here are two pic of WR and EC first day of sprout. Put them in jars of water for 24 hrs then into paper towels for a day and one of the two WR popped and the single EC popped. Only had one White Rhino pop out of 5 that I had...
  10. Bapple

    Bapple's 2016 Outdoor Adventures - Photo & Auto Strains

    Hello 420 Magazine! :ciao: So I was not going to do much between now and March, but yesterday decided to pop the two HSO Blue Dream seeds I found in my buds and a Hollands Hope seed into a glass of water. All three seeds had cracked open this AM. So I have popped them into Root Riots sunken...
  11. K

    13 days since they popped out - Are they growing slow?

    I feel like every other seedling I see on this site is way bigger for being at the same age. Are mine growing slow? They popped out of the soil on 12/12.
  12. T

    Look it's Moby Dick

    This baby just popped up today any ideas