1. TorturedSoul

    Anyone use a heavy-duty extension cord for 15-Amp 110v load?

    Does anyone use a short (three to six feet) extension cord to supply power for a high-amperage constant (12+ hours/day, every day) load to supply their grow room with electricity in a safe manner? Something "store-bought" and - preferably - made in the United States instead of the PRC (red...
  2. VaporStore

    VaporStore Giveaway: VaporTower And Titan II Hebe Vaporizer Package

    Who does not like FREE stuff? Sign up to win the Nextgen VaporTower and Titan II Hebe Vaporizer package! SIGN UP HERE
  3. VaporStore

    PAX 3 Vaporizer Available At VaporStore While Supplies Last

    The PAX 3 is now available again while supplies last. Last time they went fast. PAX 3 Vaporizer
  4. VaporStore

    Titan II Hebe - Special Offer For 420 Magazine Members From VaporStore

    Special offer for 420 Magazine Members. While supplies last!
  5. HashGirl

    Pax 2 vs Quick Draw 500 DLX Review

    The Pax 2 is a little bit smaller than my Quick Draw (4" vs 5"). The vape feels smooth and it was easier to figure out how to operate than the Pax 2 although I must admit that that was mainly because the Pax website had way more information and operating instructions on it than the one for the...
  6. Teddy Edwards

    2016 Bestselling Portable Vaporizers By Smokazon

    Portable vaporizers have always been in the spotlight next to vape pens. The reason is obvious: you get to experience the highs of vaping while on the go. At Smokazon.com, we’ve seen the best brands and the most popular portable vapes sought after by our customers. And among the contenders...
  7. VaporStore

    Are You Ready For Memorial Day? You Are Now!

    Are you ready for Memorial Day? You are now... VaporStore.com
  8. VaporStore

    Ecapple Portable Vaporizer - Thoughts? Here is my review

    Has anyone tried this vaporizer? The Ecapple? I was sent a demo and this is what I thought about it. We don't carry it as of yet but the demo is really making me debate it. Anyone else tried this? Here is my review. The Ecapple portable herb vaporizer was a surprise to me how well it...
  9. VaporStore

    Hebe Titan II Vaporizer - 20% Total Savings!

    Hebe by Titan Vaporizer - Normally $80. Use discount code on site for 10% off and log in when you make your order for a 10% credit to future purchases. Titan II Vaporizer by Hebe | VaporStore.com
  10. VaporStore

    New Products @ VaporStore

    When we list new products on our site we will list them here. Todays newly awaited vaporizer is >> Vapir Prima! The Vapir Prima Vaporizer is the all-new game changing portable vaporizer from one of the most trusted names in the industry, Vapir. Compatible with both herbs and wax, the...
  11. VaporStore

    Hello From VaporStore

    We have been around for a while. Selling vaporizers since the mid 1990s. A long time supporter of 420 magazine. We are going to try and be more active on the forums. If you see something that needs our attention please message us and let us know. We are here to answer any questions you may have...
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