1. Ron Strider

    Massachusetts To Hire A Cannabis Inspector

    Looks like legal weed is already sprouting new state job opportunities in Massachusetts. The Bay State plans to hire a cannabis inspector to work in its Department of Agricultural Resources. The November 3 job posting is open until the position is filled, but those applying in the first 14...
  2. Ron Strider

    Jamaica: CARICOM Cannabis Commission To Visit St Lucia

    The CARICOM Cannabis Commission is scheduled to hold meetings St Lucia shortly, to hear the views of St Lucians on the subject of marijuana. The commission is preparing to hold a consultation in St Lucia next month with a view to understanding the position of citizens on current marijuana...
  3. E

    Weird behavior from a Cannabis seedling

    Hi, One of my seedling has somewhat a strong stem. I can tell the stem is strong when I try to bent it a little bit. Problem is, yesterday I caught the seedling lying on the left side. I put it straight, it remains in a straight position. Next day, i found the seedling this time lying on the...
  4. R

    NZ: Labour To Review Medicinal Cannabis Laws

    Labour leader Andrew Little says his party wants to make it easier to access medicinal cannabis. The Labour caucus is now debating the issue and will come up with a formal position in the next few weeks, Mr Little told reporters at Parliament this morning. "We are aware that this is an...
  5. P

    Pairing up 2x300w LED and 1 CFL bulb for lower buds

    Hey, I am using 1 300w marshydro LED during veg which i plan to add in another panel so having 2 x 300w marshydro LED for flowering. Would it be beneficial to add in 1 dual spectrum CFL bulb for hanging low to help lower buds and rotate it on a day by day basis i.e Day 1 = 12 position , Day...
  6. W

    How should i position my lights?

    I have my topsy turvy and i dont know how i should position the light indoors so any comments regarding would be greatly appreciated thank you!:thankyou:
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