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  1. N

    Death Preparations

    This came to mind as I was reading threads about positive thoughts and attitudes. I have cancer and since my tumor is still growing in spite of the various therapies I have been doing, I started "putting my house in order" -- preparing a list of people to notify in case of my departure, writing...
  2. Gorilla Seeds

    False Positives

    We're going through our first experience with court-ordered drug screens since a member of my family caught a possession charge recently. He's not convicted yet, but pre-trial screens are a condition of his bail/bond. The day after release, he tested dirty for THC (no surprise), but he also...
  3. Ron Strider

    UK: Driver Stopped In Painswick Tests Positive For Cannabis

    A driver who was stopped near Painswick has tested positive for a Class B drug. Police pulled the driver over on Sunday night and following a drugs wipe it confirmed they had taken cannabis. Stroud Police tweeted: "Driver near Painswick supplied a positive drugs wipe for cannabis at the...
  4. Ron Strider

    Job Prospects Up In Smoke

    Job applicants are testing positive for marijuana, cocaine, amphetamine and heroin at the highest rate in 12 years, according to a new report from Quest Diagnostics, a clinical lab that follows national employment trends. An analysis of about 10 million workplace drug screens from across the...
  5. Ron Strider

    Weed Or Work? Failed Drug Tests Affecting The Number Of Eligible Job Candidates

    Workers at McLane drive forklifts and load hefty boxes into trucks. The grocery supplier, which runs a warehouse in Colorado, needs people who will stay alert – but prospective hires keep failing drug screens. "Some weeks this year, 90 percent of applicants would test positive for something,"...
  6. K

    GA: Cannabis Oil Trial Showing Positive Results For Childhood Epilepsy

    Augusta, Ga, — A cannabis oil study at Augusta University shows promise in the fight against childhood epilepsy. Nine-year-old Preston Weaver is one of about 50 patients showing positive responses to a new treatment not yet approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. With an...
  7. K

    NAC To Consider Removing Marijuana From Prohibited Substances At Upcoming Meeting

    The Nevada Athletic Commission has been notoriously hard on fighters testing positive for marijuana in the past, but it could be changing that stance in the near future. According to the agenda for the upcoming NAC hearing on Friday, the commission is going to discuss "the possible exclusion...
  8. K

    NJ: Rutgers Athletics Relaxes Punishments For Marijuana Use

    Rutgers instituted a new drug policy this year that includes reduced penalties for athletes who test positive for marijuana, according to New Jersey Advance Media. The policy makes a clear distinction between marijuana and hard drugs or performance-enhancing substances, unlike the...
  9. K

    NJ: Rutgers Softens Penalties For Marijuana Use By Athletes

    As the Rutgers University athletics department awaits the results of an NCAA investigation, Scarlet Knight athletes are nearly halfway through their first season under a new drug policy. According to a report from NJ.com, the new policy makes several changes for the newest Big 10 member...
  10. D

    At home tests

    Could anyone tell me where I could purchase a home drug test that is a bit more in depth than the dollar store strips? Those work well, mind you, but I'm still coming up positive, and would like to know just how positive I still am.
  11. D


    Wondering if drinking CBD tea (with no THC content) might yield a positive drug test. Have a test coming up soon and don't want to risk testing positive, obviously...
  12. C

    Canterbury Jockey Chris Johnson Tests Positive For Cannabis

    Canterbury jockey Chris Johnson is almost certain not to ride again this season with confirmation he has tested positive to cannabis. Johnson will face a Judicial Control Authority (JCA) hearing on Friday, where it is understood he will plead guilty to the charge placed by the Racing Integrity...
  13. J

    Good marijuana available

    Now a days more and more people realize the positive power of Medical Marijuana and marijuana in general,
  14. 420 Warrior

    Merry Cannabismas 420 Magazine

    :xmas:Merry Christmas to everyone here at the most loving, informative and positive Cannabis website in the world :Love: :xmas::xmas::xmas::circle-of-love::420::circle-of-love::xmas::xmas::xmas: