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  1. TorturedSoul

    Possible to Add This Option to Our User CP?

    Would it be possible for you to add a setting to our User CP page that would allow us to block images from Tapatalk's servers (both the off-site pictures and those little icons/smilies)? Allowing them means that our web browsers are accessing Tapatalk's servers when we view threads that have the...
  2. rillos

    When to stop tucking a SCROG

    I'm 3 weeks into 12/12. I want it as even as possible but I also don't want to break anything.
  3. S

    Need help with growing inside - Possible over watering

    I need help with my plants. They keep wilting going yellow and dying or looking like somone snapped the stem. I have a temporary hanging double sided open bulb and a lamp in between an emergency blanket on cardboard on both sides to use as reflectors. The plants are in pots in a cardboard box...
  4. GodOfPot

    PM Access Please

    Hello to an Admin here! I know it requires 50 posts for PM access as a way to weed out advertisers, bots etc.... I'm not a bot or advertiser, just wondering if it's possible to get PM access early. Been trying to PM a sponsor here and a couple of the members, so just want to know if it's...
  5. D

    Your ways to veg with HPS with a low ceiling?

    One of my spare rooms has a ceiling that's 8.5 feet high. How would it be possible to veg in this room with my Gavita DE, if possible at all... Would it work with a low table/canopy, and training/topping my plants so the height doesn't become a issue? Need suggestions! Thank you very much in...
  6. higherthehigh

    3 plants - 3 kilos? Possible?

    hello all! do you think its possible to yield 3 kilos in a 4x8 tent with, temp and humidty perfect all the way through. 50L smart pots, coco/perlite mix, 6 inch intake, 3 600w hps in cool tubes or huds, undecided. what do you think?
  7. G

    Will A 9 Hours Light Schedule Cause Problems?

    What can I expect putting a flowering clone onto a 9 hour light schedule? The clone was taken in first flowers from the mother plant and tied down flat and planned to veg it larger. I suppose it would be about a foot tall de-LST. Just want to get mature buds as fast as possible...currently I...
  8. Z

    Blackout coming up - Possible to run T5 off battery?

    Hi all, currently germinating some seeds in rockwool cubes, the first few have sprouted today so I have them in the prop under a maxibright 48w t5 light. The thing is, I have a 3hr blackout gona happen on tuesday in 5 days time for a new meter installing. This is gonna happen right in the middle...
  9. A

    How many grinders you guys go through a year?

    My brother goes through at least 2 or 3 a year, sometimes more. I can't figure out how that's possible since I've had the same grinder for 3 years
  10. G

    If you picked one seed of autoflower? What would it be?

    I figure there are several recommends for seed selection, but here is another. I have a Grapefruit C-99 in first flowers. There are also 3 clones from her just rooting. Because I'm putting them into flower small to have some pot to smoke and they'll only make popcorn buds....was considering...
  11. T

    1st Time Grower - Northern Lights - Fem Auto

    Grow Area: 4' x 4' x 6' Grow Tent w/ 1000 MH/HPS Lighting. Plant: Northern Lights AutoFlower from BonzaSeeds Current Status: Sprouted When do most people start supplementing plant food? This is roughly 1 week in from sow. Taking in as much information as possible, but first grows can...
  12. Scrogdawg

    When to top - Second cut?

    I topped this plant above the 4th node and I'd like to top each side once more as soon as possible do to height constraints in the room. What would be the appropriate time to do this again? . .
  13. S

    Possible or impossible - Harness light from outside to indoors - No Electricity

    Would it be possible to harness the light of the sun indoors without using electricity? Like having some kind of magnifying glass from a window bent to refract light back into a finite area inside the house sufficient enough to grow big buds?
  14. calicanna143

    Name change

    I really wasn't thinking when I created my user profile name and I'd like to be more discrete, if possible can the administrator change my name be to calicanna143 please Thank you
  15. M

    Possible to get 300gr yield with 600w without LST

    i am a new growner and my first yield was 10-15gr per plant . i wish to get minumum 300gr yield if its possible to get in only 600w hps and only one time plant top cut off ?
  16. H

    Couple of questions cloning & seeds related

    So was just wondering if anyone has used one of those King aero cloners? I have cloned with a homemade wick cloner, and cloned straight into Jiffy pellets as well. My issue is I would like to get my success rate up and at the same time having as minimal an impact on my time as possible...
  17. S

    male or female

    is it possible to tell the sex before flowering
  18. Indigoism

    Possible name change?

    Hey I wasn't too sure if this was doable but I have seen some posts on the archives of people getting their usernames changed, I wasn't very stealthy when I chose my name as I use it on almost every other forum I go on and a few people I don't want knowing what I am doing atm could easily look...
  19. T

    New grower - Possible sick plant - Need advice

    I'm about 2 and a half weeks out from harvest and one of my plant's fan leaves have started getting blotches of brown and some have started shrivelling. Type: Amnesia Haze Food: Miracle Grow Bloom Booster (half dose) Last Feeding: 7 days ago Age: Planted 5/27, week 6...
  20. K

    Medical Marijuana Patients Warned Of Possible Delays In Getting Pot Starting Friday

    Olympia, Washington — The state Department of Health wants medical marijuana patients and providers to be prepared for possible delays when the new medical marijuana law takes effect this Friday, July 1. "The law requires DOH to oversee the development and administration of the medical...