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  1. TorturedSoul

    Notifications Not Showing Reps?

    I might just have managed to miss it, instead of it not actually being there. But with the new notifications thing at the top of the page instead of the old way... Does it not list it when someone REPs one of our posts? I recently realized that two people had done so for my posts, and I do not...
  2. dom2mac

    Searching for new posts

    Hey 420 mag. I love the new layout but I am having trouble with using the search for new posts function. Under settings>new posts I get the message "Sorry - no matches. Please try some different terms". I think it worked for me the first few times I have used it but then now all I get is the...
  3. N

    Hi from the UK

    Firstly, I have to say what a relief it is to find a site where discussion of medical marijuana is so straightforward, adult, honest and open. I have been reading my way through some of Cajun's posts and Sweet Sue's study lounge to find the information I need and that I haven't been able to find...
  4. M

    Ramblings of a weedhead

    I'm up late, listening to early-mid career melanie safka & blazing it up... Looking at posts on here & finding a lack of particularly fun ones. there's a good post somewhere on here about "favorite weed song." mine was hendrix' third stone from the sun (a far cry from the mostly mellow...
  5. G

    Feedback on Grow Journals

    Hello friends. I just joined and—right off the bat—I have some feedback that has been making me furious in every forum and each thread within them. Grow Journals are a beautiful thing. I consume a bunch of them, I am most certain they are a substantial part of what people are looking for when...
  6. Curly Beaver

    Ignore list

    If I understand correctly, if you put someone on your ignore list you don't have to read through any more of their posts. Does it also block them from seeing and/or posting in your threads or posts? I guess what I'm trying to ask is... is there a way to completely ignore someone(s)? Trying to...
  7. P

    Hello new friends!

    I admit to being an old hippy. That being said, I am most comfortable around other old hippies. But I enjoy the company of all good souls. Started growing a year and a half ago. Found Crop King on the Internet witch brought me to 420. I still have a lot to learn. The great posts in the forum...
  8. S

    Lost in 420

    how do i find my posts that i have written
  9. TheFertilizer

    Editing posts

    Is there a reason why I can only edit posts I have made very recently or is there something wrong? I am guess it's so people can't go and wipe out a post they made previously?
  10. R

    Control panel

    Is there a tutorial on this. I would like to just see new posts etc. TOo much to surf through daily. Thanks Robo
  11. S

    New Grower & Member

    First off I want to say hello and thanks to all of the previous posters as I have gained some knowledge in reading your posts. A little about me from Oregon and a couple family members use mmj. Since it is now legal here thought I would grow it for them. I have started my first plant a nice...