pot buttter

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    Victor Battin, Chief Research Officer

    Hi, My name is Victor and I'm in charge of all new and continuing research for a company based in Denver, CO. I can help with, infusion strategy, I'm a classically trained Chef, Nutritionist, Food Scientist with a passion for Mary Jane.
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    Steps to making butter

    Hello! So I know there are a million of these but I didn't see one exactly the same as mine down there so I decided I'd add mine and if I can find my brownie recipie (somehow lost it) I will add that too! What you need: -1/2 oz. of finely ground weed (better the bud the better the...
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    Pot Butter

    how much butter would i use if i have two grams of high quality medical bud to make bud butter?? And how good will it be??
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