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    Pot size

    Okay, so I’m growing auto daiquiri lime and they are currently at the beginning of the flowering stage. They are in 5L plant pots however, I’ve started to notice the roots are coming out the bottom of the pot. At this stage should I be transplanting to a bigger pot size?? Or will this stress the...
  2. N

    Mesh/net pot size for hydroponic

    So I'm new to hydroponics and was wondering what is a ideal pot size for hydrophonics set up I guessing the pot doesn't need to be too big as it doesn't contain the roots Is 3 inch too small?
  3. S

    Pot size and veg time - Outdoors

    Hey guys Do you reckon an outdoor grow with 10 gallon smart pots would be big enough? They'll be under veg for around 4 months
  4. K

    Watering & feeding a young plant in a big pot

    its perlit & coco mix, i use canna coco a/b 1.2 per liter with the water PHed 5.8. day cycle :27-28 celcius, dark cycle : 20-22 celcius. here is the lady I couldnt find this particular question so that i like to post it here. my question is about the watering/feeding as its no more a...
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    How much nutrient per plant pot size?

    Greetings, I have grown some plants outside. I am now going to try and grow some plants in 2 gallon pots inside. I am wondering how I can calculate the optimal amount of nutrients to feed the plants given that I am watering the two gallon pots correctly. I use the "how heavy is the pot"...
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    How does my plant look? Should I move pots?

    Hey I was wondering how my plant is looking? I'm more concerned as to when I should switch into a gallon pot, thank you any tips would be great. The plant will be 2 weeks old tomorrow.
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    Smallest pot size that can be used for Photo/Auto Flowering plants

    Hi :420:, Just wondering if anyone has any information on pot sizing. Due to grow room restraints, I'm looking to fit the most plants in my next grow that I can without restricting root growth too much. Has anyone experimented too much with this? Any advice greatly appreciated, also feel...
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    how many weeks till you change your pot size to very large ????

    hello guys i was wondering how many weeks should it be till you change your pot size ?? :peace:
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    will a 3 gallon pot for an auto lowryder be big enough?

    im about to grow my first autoflower. its a fem auto lowryder. i dont really know much about autos and even less about the lowryder strain. all i have is a 3 gallon pot with happy frog soil and the general organics grow box for my nutes. any advice on how to approach this grow would be greatly...
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    need help with pot size for each strain/type

    This year is only my 2nd grow. Last year I dug a 2ft hole filled it with soil and planted about 7 seeds. They all grew but it was a huge mistake to have them so close together and in the same hole. So this year im using pots so I am able to move them and keep the males and females seperate...
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    Beginner transplanting + space concerns

    What pot sizes should I be using throughout the whole indoor grow from seed, to veg, to flour ? What sizes are best? my goal is to utilize as much space as I can to produce the most healthiest harvest possible (Using) 600 watt hid 4x4x8 growroom. Ive heard examples lik: 16oz. For seed- 1/2...
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