1. G

    Outdoor Grow pH

    Howdy all, So I have an outdoor grow of two Indica Strains, delicious candy & Barneys pineapple chunk. I am in queensland Australia and it is the middle of our summer. These two plants are part of a previous thread - Is my plant re-vegging? Is my plant re-vegging? Hopefully that works. Cut...
  2. millertm

    K potash and TDS

    I have added Pro Tekt by Dana Grow to my nutes. This potash is very alkaline and will push my non nutes feeding to about 9.5 PH, this is using 1 tsp per 2 gal of water and tap PH is around 8. So, I am now seeing an issue with high TDS after PH'ing water to 6.2. I just got a TDS pen and will...
  3. V

    Will this organic soil mix work?

    Soo I'm a first time grower and it's going to be an outdoor organic grow.. Would like some help in what I need to add to this mix.. I'll be using these in a simple mix. EcoScraps Organic Potting mix Soil. Ingredients are - 50% pine bark, coir, perlite, compost made from fruit and vegetable...
  4. ItsTimmyMan

    NPK ratios best for flowering? Dutch Master Potash + for flowering?

    So basically I've got some bloom booster and wondering what you guys think of it. 4% Phosphate, 9% Soluble Potash, .003% Boron, .00007 Copper, .00007 Manganese, .00007 Zinc. Would this be any good in flowering stage? Any advice would be good :)
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