potassium bicarbonate

  1. spleef farmer

    Powdery Mildew

    Ihave powdery mildew starting on a couple of plants. I have treated them earlier with Potassium Bicarbonate. Worked good but 3 weeks later came back. Since then I have increased ventilation and treated again by brushing the leaves with it. ( Too much work). My question is..... will it hurt me...
  2. o2much4me

    Do You have a Potassium Bicarbonate Recipe

    List your Potassium Bicarbonate Mold spray prevenative Recipes Anyone using Potassium Bicarbonate [ KHCO3 ] Spray Recipe to prevent or treat Mold? What are you mixing with the Potassium Bicarbonate? Mild Dish Soap? Neet Oil? olive oil? Commercial Potassium Bicarbonate premix...
  3. o2much4me

    Powder Mold during curing & drying -innovative alternatives & experiments

    This thread is for innovative alternatives & experiments. Reading on another forum that a lot on the problem people have with Powder Mold at all stages of the cycle. Of course it is best to prevent this environmentally but it seems to be a big problem & usually removed from a curing bud by...
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