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  1. J

    Problem with OG Kush Auto: light burn?

    So I recently just put a mars hydro 150watt at beginning of this grow which is currently 14 inches away- thought it was a potassium def as older leaves were browning at the edges so I upped the bites over a week and yellowing at the tops seems to have not changed- also some of the tips on the...
  2. beez0404

    Just take a moment to look please - Is this a Potassium deficiency?

    I have some leaves (8-10) that are showing what I believe to be a potassium deficiency on an otherwise healthy and happy plant. I am not totally sure so hesitant to move forward. The plant has been in flower now for about 4 1/2 weeks. Foxfarm trio of nutrients. What do you guys and gals...
  3. P

    Chemdawg 15 Gallon Pot

    I have a chemdawg plant in a 15 gallon pot of Black and Gold she is in her 2nd week of flowering and has had a few yellow leaves but is progressing over time... I have added nitrogen multiple time so that is not the problem. Thought it was manganese or iron so I just bought some bioAg tm-7 2days...
  4. J

    Flowering stage

    Hello My plant's been switched on to 12/12 regime & still isn't flowering…hardly any signs of flowering can be detected. Because of this abnormal development the plant keeps stretching up, now grown almost by one meter & still growing. Pot is 15 liters, coco with perlite, Led of 600 WAT, basic...
  5. T

    Leaf issue - Potassium problem?

    Per some digging around and this thread here it looks like I might have a potassium problem? Any thoughts? Thank you in advance! This is only happening on one strain, Hash Bomb. The rest of the garden seems fine. There are no signs of tip burn or any other indicators that suggest over feeding...
  6. D

    Is this a potassium deficiency?

    Pure AK grown in FFOF soil with GH Flora nutrients. About 45-50 days into flowering. One 180w UFO LED + four 65W CFLs in a 2' x 4' x 7' tall tent in the garage. Temps and RH have mostly been in good ranges. Lots of ventilation. I suspect a potassium deficiency due to low PH causing a...
  7. J

    To feed or not to feed?

    I'm getting some fading in week four and a little yellowing on the leaf tips and margins. Soil: Roots Organic w/ 20% Perlite added, in 10 gallon grow bags Water: pH 6.3, dechlorinated with Prime Nutrients: Bio Grow and Bio Bloom Additives/Supplements: SLF-100, Potassium...
  8. O


    How can I fix this potassium .... It's getting worse problem please
  9. O

    DWC pH fluctuations 6.5 - 4.5 in 24 hours

    Everyday I check the pH it shows about 4.3 and I adjusted up to about 6.5 and within 24 hours its back down to where it was in the 4's.. Parts per million is slowing going up every time so I keep adding just plain water to try and lower the parts per million because I don't want nute burn. I...
  10. O

    Deficiency of some kind?

    Any comments on this are appreciated . I think I had nute burn at some point followed by a potassium deficiency. Would anybody agree ?
  11. D

    Please 420 Magazine - I need help for my soil

    hi again i cant get soil like Fox Farm here i have other brand soil mix with peat moss Nitrogen 192 Phosphorus 219 potassium 384 g/m pH 5.5 this good for cannabis indoor? The answer is very important If you allow help me
  12. Kingsnake235

    7 weeks - PH? Deficiency? Rootbound?

    hello! been watching a bit of an issue progress here and not sure how to fix it up properly; pics are below, I've been feeding with biobizz fish mix and bioheaven at half the min/rec dosage/L checked the deficiency chart and it looks like maybe potassium and phosphorous deficiencies...
  13. O

    Deficiency maybe?

    After looking at some pictures of what this might be i have concluded this is a potassium problem. Can anyone confirm or deny this please. Thanks
  14. P


    Will it do any good to dissolve ordinary Multi, B, Calcium and Potassium vitamins then add to hydroponic solution ?
  15. Curly Beaver

    Can eating raw cannabis cause elevated Potassium levels?

    Off the wall question of the day. I have been having some pretty severe leg cramps at night so my medical provider did some blood work and found I have a higher level of potassium that normal. Seems how I don't eat bananas she mentioned that eating green leafy vegetables could raise it as...
  16. A

    Hey, Question about nutes.

    Hey just a quick question to do with nutes. Im a first time grower and have not used them before. Ive got 1x DieselxCritical Mass and 1 x CriticalxSkunk #1 Autoflowers in soil under 1x23w and 1 x20w 2700k CFLs. Pretty small grow, small space, small budget. My babies are in the the 2nd week of...
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