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    Brother in law has few girls going he was gifted .
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    Hello Everyone

    I'm Pothead71. I'm also new to 420. I just finished registering. :cheer2: I'm in the process of growing two female plants out back the house. They are about 3 feet tall and are starting to flower (I think). I don't know anything about when they will be ready. I'm waiting for my first good...
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    What's the best strain you've ever come by? (Taste, Look, Smell, etc..)

    I use to always hear about the white (Widow and Rhino) there both VERY good and coated in trichomes. But my favorites would have to be Sensi Star and Blue Dream for looks and taste. As for the smells, i like any kind of Skunk. For the looks I always love stuff with purple like Grand Daddy Purp...
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    i smoke weed every day

    Hey what's up the name is logik aka canibus priest. I live in califorinia the best place to Find weed anywhere. I'm a magiver smoker I make water bongs, gravity bongs, anti-gravity bongs, Pipes. I try to use different materials every time I do smoke weed as much as I can. I'm into punk Music...
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