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  1. G

    Requesting a diagnosis on lower leaves

    Specs sowed seed in premium organic potting soil did this during late winter used 20% peat moss in my mix fertilized with rabbit manure at the appropriate time of age of the plant sowed seed in pot shown in pic (indoors cus winter temps) its been 2 months and I dont think the growth rate is...
  2. A

    whats wrong with them

    growing in normal garden soil mixed with fertilizer. the ones in the trays are fertilizer mixed with potting soil. potting soil obtained from some street vendor. the fertilizer is this one : Gromor Compost - Fertilizer - Gromor - KwaZulu-Natal temperatures day time: 24 degree Celsius and...
  3. K

    Growing outside

    I'll germinate over the next few days and when ready, place in starter cups with potting soil. Can I use miracle gro potting soil or does it need to be plain? Anyone have luck growing outside in MA (we're legal)? I have Candy Cane and White Widow.
  4. H

    Fox Farm's Ocean Forest Potting Soil

    By far the most expensive potting stuff my yard and garden store sells at $16.95 for one and a half cub. ft. I'm sifting thru a sample quart of it and what it looks like to me is ground up wood..I don't see any actual soil in it. To me, soil means dirt; earth, as in river bottom dirt. What i...
  5. R

    Li'l Help!

    View image in gallery View image in gallery View image in gallery View image in gallery View image in gallery This is my first attempt at growing and posting. Any advice on these? They're in potting soil. We use spring water. Planted Jan 1, 2016.
  6. K

    Hi - Question about potting mix I purchased - Thanks

    sorry if this is the wrong area to post this i am new to growing, never grew anything before. i have spent hours reading up on growing over about ten days so trying to learn. i can't seem to find a definite answer to my issue so i thought i'd ask directly i've purchased everything i need...
  7. M

    Newbe - 2 wks into first - Help please!

    2x2 tent, soil. Strain - white widow # of Plants - 2 Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage - Vegetative Bucket Size - 4" Lights - (1) 300 Watt LED Nutrients - soil only Medium - potting soil. PPM - ? PH - 6.7 RH - 65% to 75% Room Temperature -78 to 84 Solution Temperature -? Room Square...
  8. onewarmguy

    Guidance requested on Green Gurus

    Alright, I've got two little (really little) girls who want to grow up healthy, and after drowning their two sisters, I thought I'd ask for some guidance from a fellow traveler who's a little more familiar with the road. Here's what I've got: Strain - Sativa dominant autoflower (Auto Maria II...
  9. H

    Reuse of potting soil recommended?

    Hi Guys, I'd like to hear your opinion if it is reasonable to reuse the potting soil of a recently harvested plant/bucket? My plan is to cut the whole clump of soil and root into smaller chunks and put everything on the compost for a few weeks. Good idea?
  10. N

    Anyone use Fafard Professional Potting Mix? (pic)

    Fafard® Professional Potting Mix with RESiLIENCE® Description: An all-purpose potting mix based on our professional formulation used by commercial growers, Fafard® Professional Potting Mix is a top-quality peat-based blend recommended for all indoor and outdoor container plantings. This...
  11. W

    Seed troubles

    I've been growing indoors for about a year and a half now with pretty good luck but lately I've had nothing but trouble getting from the seed to an actual seedling.I germinate the seeds to begin with then I put the seeds in potting soil but hardly anything has made it past the surface of the...
  12. D

    Sad little White Walker

    I read the section about required information in order to get good help but don't know everything that was listed. Anyway, my question/problem is with my White Walker Kush. I planted the seed directly into the soil on 3/25. The medium used is Miracle-Gro Moisture Control potting mix. The...
  13. P

    New soil - How do I mix?

    I got a new soil and i need some help with adding perlite vermikulit and if it needs some dolomite lime. Product details of Klasmann Florabella Potting Soil The consistent high quality of Florabella potting media is assured by theuse of the best raw materials, selected additives and high...
  14. O

    Are peat moss pots and Miracle Grow potting mix bad or not?

    Good or bad
  15. F

    Interesting Experiment With Soil

    (Notice that this "experiment" is not very scientific since I used different strains and also planted two of the seeds two days later than the two others). But it is "interesting" nevertheless. So I was deciding to grow some more Autos just for fun, they were AK47, Critical, Bullet Magnum and...
  16. GrowInTheDark

    Potting mix not absorbing water

    Like the title says, the potting mix for my plants wont absorb water properly, i let the soil dry out because i overwatered them at one point, and when i went to water them it just pooled above the soil for a bit and then ran down the side and drained without soaking the soil properly. what do i...
  17. J

    100% Organic Soil Mix (MSC, ATTRA, OMRI, WSDA)

    (This is a re-post to the right section) organic mix for: Seelings / Early Growing (Flowering is below); 50~55% Organic Soil - No Fert. No Nothing. No slow release (mcenroeorganicfarm.com - (518)789-3252 for orders)) 1~2% powder seaweed (if not/then use liquid seaweed in...
  18. G

    Old Timer need some soil advice

    OK, Here's the story; I am making my own soilless potting mix for an indoor (4x4 Mylar tent with 16 plants in 3 gal black nursery pots will be under a 1000 watt HPS) SCROG grow. The screen will be 12" above the medium. I have been an avid organic gardener all of my life and have been growing...
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