1. Ron Strider

    FL: Stolen Vehicle Search Uncovers 430 Pounds Of Marijuana Worth $1.2M

    A report of a stolen vehicle led to Florida sheriffs busting four men with 430 pounds of marijuana and $43,000 in cash. Seminole County Sheriff's Office said in a Facebook post on Thursday that deputies responded to a stolen vehicle report on Jackman Boulevard in Winter Park. Upon arrival...
  2. Ron Strider

    Nebraska Troopers Seize 47Lbs Of Marijuana Products

    The Nebraska State Patrol says troopers have seized 47 pounds of marijuana products - including 38 pounds of edible marijuana products - in a traffic stop near North Platte. The patrol says troopers stopped an eastbound car traveling at 103 miles per hour Monday afternoon on Interstate 80...
  3. Ron Strider

    MI: Police Seize 55 Pounds Of Marijuana From Home

    Following an investigation, police recently seized more than 50 pounds of medical marijuana and 31 marijuana plants at a Minden Township home. On Sept. 28, the Sanilac County Drug Task Force (DTF) executed a search warrant on Maurer Road in Minden Township. The investigation was a follow-up...
  4. Ron Strider

    UT: 10 Pounds Of Marijuana Seized By Moab Police

    What began as a routine traffic stop in Moab ended with the seizure of 10 pounds of marijuana. At 4:49 a.m. Friday morning a Moab City police officer pulled a car over at 200 South Hwy. 191 for equipment violations. According to a news release, "the officer made observations which resulted in...
  5. Ron Strider

    Cannabis Candies And 11 Pounds Of Pot Land Coconut Creek Man In Jail, Cops Say

    Illegal lollipops and other forms of cannabis candies were seized along with 11 pounds of marijuana during an arrest Wednesday at a Coconut Creek home, police said. After officers seized the drugs and $60,843 in cash, Michael Marks, 40, was arrested and charged with various counts of...
  6. Ron Strider

    SD: Aberdeen Police Seize More Than 2 Pounds Of Marijuana

    An Aberdeen man is facing charges after police say they found more than two pounds of marijuana in a search of his home. Police say the Tundra Task Force executed a search warrant at an apartment on 9th Avenue Monday night. During the search, detectives found 2.12 pounds of marijuana and more...
  7. Ron Strider

    Formal Charges Filed Against Argos Man In Alleged Marijuana Case

    The Marshall County Prosecutor’s Office has filed charges against two people — an Argus man and a Florida resident — accused of trying to buy over 35 pounds of marijuana and marijuana-related concoctions worth an estimated $75,000. Richard A. McCalvin, 42, Argos, and John R. McCalvin, 65, of...
  8. Ron Strider

    High Flying Marijuana Trio From Ansonia And Milford Busted By Feds

    The flights were high and loaded with marijuana. Now a federal grand jury in New Haven has indicted Donald Burns, 59, of Milford, the pilot and two alleged distributors Robert Capelli, 31, and Scott Bodnar, 38, of Ansonia with trafficking at least 2,200 pounds of marijuana by airplane. Shortly...
  9. Katelyn Baker

    CA: Despite Legalization Efforts, The Police State Continues Its War On Marijuana

    The Calaveras County Sheriff's Office arrested 23 people after serving search warrants at three locations with illegal marijuana grows near West Point. About 7,700 pounds of marijuana and other substances were seized and destroyed or taken as evidence, according to a press release from the...
  10. Katelyn Baker

    Cannabusiness And Cash - We're Still At The Whims Of The Feds

    Do you have those situations in your life that just shimmer with a "Groundhog Day" vibration? Maybe it's a friend who comes to all your get-togethers, brings crappy beer and pounds as many tasty brews in as short a time as possible; a relative who serves the same terrible 1970s casserole when...
  11. doctor green

    Abandoned Dr Green's White Rhino Monsters vs High Numbers 2015

    So here we go! I am growing out 4 white rhinos into fimmed LST'd monsters. Along side I am growing out 44 white rhinos ( will they all fit haha) At the moment they are all in the same tent a 2x2x2 m jungleroom vegging under 1 x 600 mh and 1 x 600 hps in a mix of perlite soil and...
  12. F

    how to strengthen a grow tent?

    My first grow. I have a Secret Jardin tent that holds 60 pounds. My Magnum XXXL reflector is 35 pounds, the filter is 40 pounds! The fan must weigh 5-10 pounds. Did I over-do it? Should I use a secondary pvc frame? A C-stand?
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