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  1. AfricanGrower

    AfricanGrower's 2nd Hydro Journal - Perpetual - Multi-Strain - 2014

    Hello 420, I'm back and ready to take this to the next level. The plan is to make my grow experience as efficient as possible given the space I have. As most know, I utilise grow tents...simple, portable, and somewhat sturdy. But as soon as I can find a permanent location, plans for a free...
  2. T

    First Grow - Soil - Lemon Kush - Power Flower

    Welcome to my grow journal. Moved to a new city (no medical shops) and decided that growing a couple plants would be more fun than finding somewhere to get the end product. This is my first time growing so any tips/pointers are welcome and greatly appreciated. Some Details: strain #1: Lemon...
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