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    My Big Girls - Outdoor 2015 - Central WA - Blue Hash & Power Kush

    Hello and welcome to my 2nd outdoor grow. Freebies from Dinafem: 1x Blue Hash and 1x Power Kush. Soaked the seeds for 24 hours, then into solo cups. Popped above soil ~4/20/2015. Moved outside when low temps were over 34 degrees Fahrenheit. Moved to 5 gallon pots, then to 10 gallon dirt pots...
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    Dinafem Blue Hash & Power Kush Fem Freebie - Outdoor Grow

    Hi all, This is my 4th grow and my 2nd outdoor grow. I live in Eastern Washington State, where the conditions are quite favorable for outdoor growing for the most part. Our main crops here are wine grapes, hops and apples, so cannabis does quite well. I grow for my own personal use to treat...
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    Santa Chronic's Greenhouse Power Kush Grow Journal 2011

    This journal is mainly to document my new strain Power Kush from Dinafem I will likely be adding pics here and there of a few other things as well, I hope you enjoy :welcome: A little about the strain Characteristics of Power Kush are rapid growth and fast flowering coupled with and...
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