1. First bud site, NLA

    First bud site, NLA

    Northern Lights Auto, first cannabis grow, first budsite - very early.
  2. S

    Hermie or not - That is the question? Help!

    Hi Guys, I have recently noticed sac looking things with two pistills coming out of them. I fear they may have gone hermi on me! due to the lighting cycle being interrupted on more than one occasion in the last week due to power cuts. I am around 4 weeks into flowering. Pictures have been...
  3. B

    LED malfunction - Help appreciated!

    Hi, back in 2013 i purchased a ProGrow 400 LED fixture from HydroponicsHut.com. I've been using the light since then without much issue but recently noticed that 1/2 of my flower LED's were not burning. I went to the web only to find out that the company is apparently no longer in business...
  4. Ron Strider

    CA: Electrical Fire In Placentia Reveals Illegal Marijuana Growing Operation

    An illegal marijuana growing operation with as many as 3,000 plants was discovered Sunday afternoon, Oct. 15, while crews were trying to restore power after an electrical fire in Placentia. Several people called 911 to report that a wooden telephone pole was on fire in the 700 block of South...
  5. S

    Mars power supply/driver

    Hi all i bought a Mars 300w led off an the official Mars suppliers thinking i would get a good quality light. 9 hours on and the fan blew up and 1 of the power supplies/driver failed also. Has anyone replaced the power supplies? I cant find a replacement anywhere or a sibstitute. Any help...
  6. derek910

    Lost power - Need recommendations

    My girl is in the 4th week of flowering. Without power I can't run my light or air pump. I'm using a deep water culture setup. Is there anything I can do to keep this from hurting my plant? Right now I have it in front of my back sliding back glass door. Any recommendations will be appreciated
  7. 28 Grams

    Why do companies say - 300w LED replaces 400w HPS using only 180w of power?

    It's all a little confusing to me... three wattage numbers for one light. My "300w" LED light's company says on their product page "The [LED Light] effectively replaces a conventional 400w HPS grow light while only consuming 180 watts of actual power". I have a 5 square-foot tent, which...
  8. J

    Thinking of future-buying more powerful leds than needed?

    Is it ok to purchase a more powerful led light than my current grow tent can handle? I am currently growing two plants in a 30" by 30" tent using a viparspectra 600. I want to create a second area to grow my clones while my plants flower. Thus I am looking at purchasing a better led for my...
  9. C

    IGLM Afghan - Crappy genetics or crappy strain?

    This Afghan I got sprouted really well. All the seeds germinated and I was stoked. This has been grown side by side, with Purple power and O.G. Kush from AMS seed bank. Although the Afghan from 420 grew well when young, when I harvested it and the O.G. Kush, the Afghan tastes like bottom...
  10. K

    Abandoned Pure Power Plant & AK-48 - Nirvana Seeds - In Hydro DWC/Drip & 600W LEDs

    Just now embarking on my fourth grow. I've had excellent results with seeds I've bought from Nirvana in Amsterdam. Their Sterling Haze and Raspberry Cough are amazingly good (sativa doms) so I decided to give them a try for the second time and bought their original Pure Power Plant and AK-48...
  11. N


    Hello, I am growing for my first time for my wife for medicinal use as she has a chronic pain illness. I have a very small stealth grow box with LED lights This is the spec 180w Led Grow Light For Indoor Greenhouse Plant Seeding, Growth & Flowering full Cycles Spectra of Light...
  12. O

    Lighting power cord management - Tidiness on yoyo hangers

    For people using Lighting on YoYo hangers, what do u do with the lighting power cords and yoyo hanger rope ends to keep them tidy as u move your lights up/down. Got a nasty case of OCD and the loose wires are driving me nuts.
  13. P

    Power outage during flowering

    Hello all let me start the thread by thanking you for taking time out of your certainly busy days to help me troubleshoot my issue here. My plants are in their second week of flowering and yesterday my power went out due to some local wind storms. This puts the outage at 18 hrs and counting...
  14. H

    Electrical component question for wiring driver to AC power cord

    okay guys quick question.. i have a driver, and an ac power cord. both have 3 wires. solder them together, boom the wire has power.... AND there are 3 AC leads left exposed. my question is what options or products exist to insulate that wire, preferably in a weatherproof and/or...
  15. R

    LED light power consumption

    I'm confused. I'm looking at using leds but have power supply restrictions. Some manufacturers advertise that the power consumption is less than the stated power output of light, eg. 600w light only consumes 190w? How can this be so. I have 1900 w available on the circuit I want to use. Can I...
  16. T

    GS1000 1000W High Power LED Grow Light Is Coming

    Hey Friends, 1000W high power led grow light is coming.. Here are the parameters with pictures.
  17. T

    GS1000 1000W high power led grow light is coming.

    Hey Friends, 1000W high power led grow light is coming.. Here are the parameters.
  18. D

    LED gurus - Need some help

    Led Gurus, got a few question, I have about 25 power supplies, all universal input, and output is 55- 105 V and most are 550 MA, a few are 600 MA. I am wanting to run 2 - 36 v cobs on each power supply, the cobs at full load is 1080 MA, 58.8 W, so on each power supply I can run 2 of these chips...
  19. S

    Looking for

    looking to buy -buddy power hitter cant find one .anyone know where i go to get one i am from pdx- you smokes joints with it called power hitter its from the 80;s:volcano-smiley:
  20. Mikesu58

    Attic 3x3x5 Tent Grow - Need Advice & Feedback

    Hello, I plan to start growing very soon in my Attic. I have set up a 3x3x5 Gorilla Grow Shorty Tent already, and am just waiting for the rest of my equipment to arrive, and set it up before I start the grow op. I used Styrofoam 1" reflective insulation to create a room in my attic, separate...
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