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    My Plants Are Crazy - Help - White Powerplant - Strange AK 47 Leaf

    Hello First of all Sorry for my bad english So i am actually growing with one 600 cooltube and one 400 watt light on 1.2 qm i have 4 vents and 2 air outtakes temperature is allways about 25 degrees when light is turned on and around 19 when its turned off. I am using 20 l pots with Plagron...
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    Spliff Seeds Power Plant Problem

    Hey guys, long time reader, first time poster, I have a problem. I've cultivated Spliff Seeds gold line of Power Plant with success into 2 plants, one's the mom and the other a clone, into the 5th week of flowering, now it wont stop burning its leaves to crispy claws. Strain: Power Plant (80%...
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