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  1. B

    My first post - Just still learning - Few questions

    This has been quite the informative forum, and the knowledge here is quite impressive. There are literally THOUSANDS of sites, threads, and forums on these topics, and throughout months of reading, I somehow ended up her the last two days. While I understand some of the terminology, some is...
  2. P

    New grower leaf problems

    Leaves are turning yellow around edges and tips. Ph is 6.1 ppm is 370 after nutrients added started with ppm of 21. Using foxfarm nutrients can't seem to figure out what to add to raise the ppm cause I'm pretty sure from what I've read it's nitrogen deficiency. Thanks for the help if you can.
  3. C

    Can I use saved nutes during flowering?

    See what happend was i didnt realize my ppm reader had a x10 next to the number so i put my resivor up to 9000 ppm basically and then took out the nutes and saved them and watered them down in 5 gallon jugs. so i have been using these nutes for veg and now flowering adding it to my dwc 5...
  4. P

    Brown spots on fan leaves - Photo

    Strain: Auto Think Different # of plants: 1 Grow type: Hydro Grow stage: Grow 18 days Setup: DWC Light: Led 300w ... Actual wattage 150w Nutrients: General Hydroponics Medium: Rockwool and Hydroton PPM: 250 ppm Cal-Mag + Micro, Grow and Bloom 270 ppm Total: 520 ppm. PH: 5,6-6,2 RH: 50% Room...
  5. P

    Gonna try using CO2 - What ppm should it be set to?

    My buddy had a co2 setup he donated so was going to try and get that going tonight. It comes set default of 1500ppm. I've got a 4' x 4' grow tent. Two plants...although one is a behemoth and the other is living quietly much smaller. Not sure if the number of plants matters. Is that...
  6. B

    Ppm help

    Hey there this may be a stupid question and there may be a simple answer somewhere but I haven't found it yet. My fox farms feeding schedule which I've been loosely following for the most part with some added cal/mag and seaweed extract has a ppm chart with it. I did a week 6 full strength...
  7. M

    Fabric pots and ppm runoff?

    Still very much a newbie here trying to learn. My runoff has been really high sitting around 1800.. i am courious if the fabric in pots hold salts in and screws with the ppm of the run off? thank you
  8. higherthehigh

    Safe ppm runoff numbers for final flush harvest?

    hi everyone iv never used a ppm meter up until now seen alot of mixed results, some say 100ppm is minimum and some are saying 600ppm whats a safe ppm reading to no when i can chop? if the meter reading shows up a safe reading after mid runoff does then that mean all the nutes will be out the...
  9. HizzyB

    Hizzy's Back Opioid Free & Ready To Work - Crokkett's Sour Banana Sherbet & Gnat War

    HizzyB Here! I've been sick and in mad pain for 15 years. Fighting the good fight and after 26 months tapering off methadone, quick 6 month jump onto Buprenorphine and tapered that down to 1/10th MG then I jumped. Im just over a month clean Long Story Short is its possible and Im proof...
  10. Botani

    Need Help

    I have 4 clones of og kush that i cut from a flowering female. The plan is to monster crop via scrog. But i am running into a problem. 4 of the clones have brown/yellowing of some of their leaves. I am running a dwc hydro setup. I am using dutch nutrient formula A and B 2 part. My ph will be at...
  11. D

    DWC leaves wilting and curling under

    Ph 5.8 200 ppm cal mag 800 ppm gh flora series micro grow bloom Water temp 60-65 Air 65-75 degree Rh 50-60% Roughly 2 month veg 4 airstones 600w mh Any thoughts?
  12. N

    1st time around great 2nd time around not so great

    1st time posting 2nd time trying to grow A friend was packing up his grow and moving..gave me a mother and a bit of advise, was told the strain was fairly old he called it "seven"...I cut a few clones and rooted them, planted them not knowing a thing and 71 days later i had medicine...only...
  13. D

    EC throughout grow?

    Can anybody share what EC they typically run during late veg and transition? Any help is much appreciated as I've been trying to dial in my nutes. Thanks I'm running botanicare PB series with my hydro grow but their doseage rates are pretty high on the EC.
  14. G

    Plant droopy - Looking for some advice

    Temps 75 to 79 RTH 57 70 Res temp 68 to 71 Using Water Bottles To keep down No nutes Just 40 ML of Rhizotonic Ph was 6.0 to 6.5 lowered a little last night to 5.6 5.8 Light was 24 from tops moved up a little sunday to 28 (LED) PPM 105 Plant is 1 week 4 days old from seedling sprouted...
  15. Rider509

    Possible nitrogen deficiency or transplant shock?

    White Widow Auto, approx 3 weeks veg in soil. Transplanted four days ago from Solo cups to 4gal Smart Pots. The soil was hydrated with pH 6.5 adjusted tap water with no nutrients added. The tap water is naturally soft. The grow tent maintains 82F and 40% humidity. Fox Farms Ocean Forest...
  16. Scrogdawg

    PH dropping in my RDWC system - Help please

    I copied this from an earlier post in another thread. This on a 2 plant RDWC system. I added Ca/Mg (CaliMagic) for the first time at 25% the bottle rating and that alone shot my TDS up by 100ppm, wasn't really expecting that. Also mixed my Flora series nutrients 10% heavier than in the past so...
  17. cnile

    Please help me with nutrients ppm goes super high

    ok this is what im attempting. a week one feeding for coco at around 300 ppm so ok i go and follow the lucas forumla: 3 mil/gal calmagic 1 tsp/gal epsom salt 2 mil/gal floramicro 3 mil/gal florabloom it says for week one to feed around 300 ppm. well, this mix is no where near that so what...
  18. A

    Newbie nutrient PPM question on GH Flora Series & Botanicare

    I'm about to do my first grow in a 4x3 tent with a Mars 192 Reflector LED light. I will probably use a CFL for the first few weeks and switch to the LED after the plants are established. I plan to use GH Flora series 3 part nutes with Floralicious Plus, KoolBloom, RapidStart, ArmorSi, Cal...
  19. The Germinator

    Tap water ppm question

    My tap water is 825 ppm. That's really high right? I am not sure where to get RO water but will check around. I know walmart sells water in those big five gallon jugs. Is this an option? I am setting up my hydro now. Just waiting on seeds to germinate. My first hydroponic grow. Any advice is...
  20. M

    Week 3 yellowing droopy leaves DWC!

    Hi , this is my first time grow in dwc , I'm growing big bomb (bomb seeds) in 5 gallon bucket feeding compo biofoliar 10-4-7 ratio (this is the only liquid fertilizer I can find in this country ) light : 1000 w led full spectrum, ph 5.7 - 5.9 , ppm around 700 ( tape water 160 ppm + 540 ppm fert...
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